Planet Herbs implements multiple security methods to prevent fraud and to protect your payment information.

Encryption uses the COMODO SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate to encrypt information end to end. Everything you send through our website is encrypted. Only our website and our payment provider can decrypt the information.

Credit Card Security

We request CVV2 “card not present” codes to prevent fraud on your credit card. The “card not present” code tells the payment processor that you probably have the physical card in your possession. It is one of many fraud prevention methods that work together as a whole.

Data Storage stores NO payment information on its website. All payment information is sent encrypted to our payment processor. The processor sends our website a unique token to store that references the transaction details on the payment processor’s server. We store your name, shipping and order details on, but not payment information.

Privacy Policies privacy policies govern how we use or do not use the information you give us. Please click here for the privacy policy.

Software Updates website software is automatically updated to the latest versions every day.