Managing Aggressive Flu with Homeopathic and Herbal Remedies

The following is a guest blog post by East West graduate and faculty and professional herbalist Nancy Angelini. Viral influenza ...
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Botanical Gardens (Singapore)

Guest Blog: How to Study Herbal Medicine by Kristi Shapla

Introduction from Lesley: If anyone should know how to study efficiently it is Kristi Shapla, who as a mother, teacher, ...
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Teacher Christopher Hobbs

Guest Blog Feature: Chris Hobbs on Gentiana lutea and Bitters

Christopher Hobbs needs no introduction to the herb world. If you have even the faintest spark of interest in herbs, ...
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Community Dancing

Celebrating the Seven Days of Kwanzaa: Dang Gui for Creativity

Dear reader: wiith other commitments needing to be attended to, I've invited my student and East West School editor, Anne ...
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