Professional herbalist course
Meet your teachers Michael and Lesley Tierra. They have trained thousands of herbalists over the last 35 years.

Meet your teachers Michael and Lesley Tierra. They have trained thousands of herbalists over the last 35 years.


The Professional Herbalist Course includes 36 detailed lessons on the foundations of food therapy, herbal medicine, herbal energetics, assessment of disease, an extensive materia medica, formulary, preparations, remedies, therapies, advanced diagnostic tools, specific conditions with their herbal treatments and much more, all geared to help you become the most efficient and effective herbalist possible. It teaches Planetary Herbology, which incorporates the wisdom, materia medica, and energetics of herbs and disease from around the world, particularly Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine, and Western herbalism.

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  • Learn the energy of herbs and illness
  • Learn how to treat disease patterns with herbs, rather than diseases themselves
  • Delve deeper into the theory and practice of Planetary Herbology, learning herbs from around the world
  • Learn how to use herbs in the most effective and efficient way possible
  • Pursue advanced studies in various systems of diagnosis and treatment of specific ailments
  • Pursue a career as a professional herbalist
  • Pursue a career as a clinical herbalist
  • Enrollment fee: $1489 to $1789 (online only or online access plus mailed lessons):

Learn the Energy of Herbs and Illness in the Professional Herbalist Course

The Way of Herbs by Michael TierraThe Way of Chinese Herbs by Michael TierraThe Way of Ayurvedic Herbs by Michael Tierra

While Western herbal training tends to emphasize the allopathic use of herbs (“this herb is good for that”) along with their pharmacology and biochemistry, our Planetary Herbal approach teaches the energetic identification and application of herbs. 

Energetic herbalism recognizes the heating or cooling, strengthening or eliminating, rising or descending, taste, properties and so on of herbs and disease.

This system does not diagnose and prescribe but identifies patterns of illness based on specific energies and then chooses herbs and treatment strategies for those patterns.

The Planetary Herbalism energetic teachings of the East West Herb Courses are based on the oldest, living, extant herbal medicine systems of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine (TAM), each of which have over 5000 years of experience and practice.

These energetic systems are only tools, yet they have proved to be the most effective, efficient, and alternative approaches to allopathic herbalism, medical diagnosis and treatment.

Learning Planetary Herbalism provides you with a rational treatment choice methodology. The East West Herb Courses also teach energetic diet and food therapy along with tools to tailor your own health-supportive diet along with preparations, remedies and other healing tools, techniques and therapies.

In fact, many students regain their own health, and/or help their family members and friends regain their health, just by studying and applying our course teachings.

Receive Exclusive 5-Year Access to the Online Learning Center, Personal Evaluations, Plus:

  • Detailed lessons from real professional herbalists with real clinical experience
  • Study with Dr. Michael Tierra, O.M.D., one of the world’s most respected and influential herbalists, and with Lesley Tierra, L. Ac., RH, accomplished acupuncturist, herbalist and author
  • On-line Learning Center, forum, weekly case studies and webinars studies directly with Michael and Lesley Tierra and guests
  • A 36-lesson step-by-step education that you complete at your own pace from your own location
  • Personalized evaluation to lesson test essays and projects for all 36 Lessons!
  • An extensive materia medica of Western, Chinese, and Ayurvedic herbs plus those from other world traditional medicines
  • Detailed formulation and formulary teachings
  • Dietary energetics and food therapy
  • Guidelines for herbal preparations, remedies and traditional healing therapies and techniques
  • In-depth study of the main herbal categories and how to use their herbs clinically and therapeutically
  • In-depth knowledge of how to differentiate and treat disease patterns (rather than diagnosis and treat diseases) and to effectively and efficiently apply herbal remedies and formulas to those patterns
  • Treatment of multiple disease conditions with their assessment and herbal treatment strategies
  • Foundation and advanced assessment techniques and treatment strategies
  • Adjunct study tools such as books, CD’s, videos, and DVDs
  • Adjunct training modules
  • Optional annual on-site and hands-on East West training seminars, including three advancing levels of teachings plus Therapies and continuing education classes for graduates.
  • The confidence to use herbs to heal yourself and others safely and effectively, no matter where you are, using local, distant and exotic plants
  • A 5 year subscription to the Student Learning Center, which includes all the weekly chats, student forums, webinars, and articles
East West graduate and Professional Herbalist Joshua Farahnik
  • Written format
  • Distance learning
  • Over the internet
  • Supplemental articles
  • Webinars
  • Personally graded essays and projects
  • 2300+ page lessons and workbook
  • 258-page index book
  • Private student forum
  • Live professional herbalist teacher-student chats
  • Webinars
  • Access to multiple faculty members
  • Cost: $1489-$1789 (online only or online access plus mailed lessons)


We are so excited to share with you our updated, expanded course!


  • Anne de Courtenay, East West graduate, teacher, writer and editor

    Anne de Courtenay, East West graduate, teacher, writer and editor

    Our 36 classic lessons have been updated to a total of nearly 2200 pages

  • Convenient new layout of the materia medica lessons with roomy margins for personal notes and accessible, easy-to-read and study text
  • Expanded: 18 materia medica lessons with new herbs and up-to-date fresh material on herbs, dosages, treatments, cases, herb combinations, and more
  • Comparisons of herbs provided in each of the 44 herbal categories covered, helping you decide when to choose one herb over another for a given condition so you best match the person’s needs
  • Over 600 herb entries
  • 264 formulas included
  • Herbal approaches given for treating 944 health conditions
  • Hundreds of additional tables, figures, recipes, charts, boxes, and important notes covering important information and the authors’ personal experiences
  • Extensive and comprehensive indexes that make the course an incredibly useful and valuable clinical manual, including herbs organized by common, Latin, Chinese, and other herbal names; formulas index; table/figure/recipe index

And as always, our commitment to giving you the best distance learning experience remains the same:

  • Learn to heal with herbs from the comfort of your own home
  • Take advantage of our amazing private online student forum
  • Go at your own pace
  • Personally graded essays after each lesson
  • 36 lessons in 3 spiral bound books that lie flat while you study or online only now available (2020)
  • Regular online webinars targeted to students
  • Take your studies a step further at our transformational annual week-long seminar in the California redwood forest

Learn Herbs to Effectively and Efficiently Treat Yourself and Others

Professional Herbalist Course Details

Pamela Shaw, East West graduate and teacher

Pamela Shaw, East West graduate and teacher

The Professional Herbalist Course teaches you how to therapeutically use herbs to effectively and efficiently treat yourself and others. It is perfect for those who desire an in-depth knowledge of herbs and how to use them clinically and therapeutically. This complete course is also perfect for those who desire more thorough herbal knowledge.

This course is based on, but definitely not limited to, a foundation of Western herbalism along with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine (TAM). In this course you learn how to differentiate and treat disease patterns (rather than diagnose and treat diseases) and to effectively and efficiently apply herbal remedies and formulas.

The Professional Herbalist Course emphasizes a materia medica of over 600 herbs — Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic — along with diagnosis, treatment of hundreds of ailments and advanced diagnostic techniques.

  • Written format or Online
  • 2300+ page workbook
  • 258-page index book
  • distance learning
  • online classroom
  • private student forum
  • private library
  • chat room classes
  • webinars
Open a Clinic as a Professional Herbalist

The East West Professional Herbalist Course is Presented in Three Sections Consisting of 36 Lessons


  • East West Graduate Michele Collins, Vergara, RH (AHG), MPH

    East West Graduate Michele Collins, Vergara, RH (AHG), MPH

    Section I (Lessons 1-12) lays the foundation for herbal medicine including the energy of food and herbs, formulary, remedies, preparations, and herbal healing techniques.

  • Section II (Lessons 13-24) is an extensive and comprehensive materia medica, including over 600 herbs and medicines from around the world.
  • Section III (Lessons 25-36) contains the remaining materia medica lessons and emphasizes the clinical diagnosis of specific diseases and the maintenance of health. It then brings together all of the knowledge of the previous lessons to enable the student to be a competent herbal consultant. Details below

Section I of the Professional Herbalist Course:

  • Susan Kramer, EWCH

    Susan Kramer, EWCH, Professional Herbalist and Instructor

    Lesson 1: The History of the Herbal Tradition

  • Lesson 2: A Balanced Diet, The Key to Health
  • Lesson 3: Using Foods as Medicine
  • Lesson 4: Ayurveda Tridosha Theory
  • Lesson 5: Chinese Medicine: Yin/Yang Theory
  • Lesson 6: The Chinese Theory of Five Elements (Phases)
  • Lesson 7: Assessment, Causes and Treatment of Disease
  • Lesson 8: The Energetic Nature of Medicinal Herbs
  • Lesson 9: Herbal Fundamentals and Formulary
  • Lesson 10: Herbal Preparations for External Application
  • Lesson 11: Herbal Preparations for Internal Application
  • Lesson 12: Herbal Therapeutics, Adjunct Therapies and First Aid

Section II of the Professional Herbalist Course:

  • East West Graduate and professional Herbalist Nicholas Schnell

    Nicholas Schnell, EWCH, Professional Herbalist and Instructor

    Lesson 13: Warm Surface-Releasing Herbs: Warming Diaphoretics

  • Lesson 14:  Cool Surface-Releasing Herbs: Cooling Diaphoretics
  • Lesson 15: Downward Draining Herbs: Laxatives
  • Lesson 16: Herbs for Clearing Heat: Alteratives and Blood Purifiers I
  • Lesson 17: Herbs for Clearing Heat: Alteratives and Blood Purifiers II
  • Lesson 18: Herbs that Drain Dampness: Diuretics
  • Lesson 19: Herbs that Dispel Wind-Dampness: Antirheumatics
  • Lesson 20: Herbs that Transform Phlegm-Heat: Expectorants and Antitussives
  • Lesson 21: Herbs that Transform Cold Phlegm
  • Lesson 22: Herbs the Stabilize and Bind: Astringents
  • Lesson 23: I. Nervines: Herbs that Calm the Shen,  Herbs That Calm and Relieve Internal Wind and Spasms: Antispasmodics
  • Lesson 24: I. Herbal Stimulants: Herbs for Warming the Internal/Treating Cold and Wetness. II. Aromatic Consciousness-reviving Herbs: Fragrant Herbs for Opening Orifices

Section III of the Professional Herbalist Course:

  • Nicole MacDonald, EWCH

    Nicole MacDonald, EWCH, Professional Herbalist and Psychologist

    Lesson 25: Alimentary System Herbs, Digestives, Carminatives, Qi-regulating Herbs, Emetics and Anti-emetics

  • Lesson 26: Herbs that Invigorate Blood: Emmenagogues and Blood Movers
  • Lesson 27: Herbs that Stop Bleeding: Hemostatics
  • Lesson 28: Herbs that Tonify Blood, Herbs the Tonify Qi, Adaptogens and Rasayanas
  • Lesson 29: Herbs that Tonify Yang; Herbs that Tonify Yin; Demulcents
  • Lesson 30: Herbs that Expel Parasites; Herbs Used for External Treatments
  • Lesson 31: The Four Diagnostic Methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Lesson 32: Assessment Strategies and Patterns: The Three Aspects, Six Stages and Four Levels
  • Lesson 33: TCM Differential Diagnosis: Zang-Fu (Internal Organs) Symptom-Sign Diagnosis
  • Lesson 34: Specific Diseases and Their Treatments — I
  • Lesson 35: Specific Diseases and Their Treatments — II
  • Index: Lessons 33-35 Formulas; Ayurvedic Herbs and Formulas: Formulas to Begin Your Herbal Pharmacy
  • Lesson 36: Putting It All Together: Dui Yao Formulation, the Art of Simpling, and Developing an Herbal Practice

These 5 Books are available as a package or separately and are Recommended and Essential for your herb course lessons:

  • The Way of Herbs by Michael Tierra
  • Planetary Herbology by Michael Tierra
  • Healing with the Herbs of Life by Lesley Tierra
  • Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine, Volumes I & II by Michael and Lesley Tierra

Optional, but not required books (can be purchased individually or as a set):

  • Botany in a Day by Thomas J. Elpel
  • The Herbal Medicine Makers Handbook by James Green
  • Way of Chinese Herbs by Michael Tierra
  • Way of Ayurvedic Herbs by K.P. Khalsa and Michael Tierra
  • Tao of Nutrition by Maoshing Ni

To add the supplemental and optional books to your enrollment, click HERE.

Online Classroom

East West graduate and Certified Herbalist Michelle Schurig

East West graduate and Certified Herbalist Michelle Schurig

In addition to the course we also offer an online classroom on our website, a private forum area and chat room sessions each week with faculty and guest herbalists.

The forums and chat room sessions are your opportunity to engage, interact and connect with other students and school faculty and be a part of the East West School herbal community.

The online classroom also includes an articles area, presentations and more, all of which are included with your enrollment in the course.

East West Clinical Herbalist (EWCH) Course Eligibility

Those who complete the Professional Herbalist Course are eligible to apply for the East West Clinical Herbalist Degree (EWCH), which carries the endorsement of Michael and Lesley Tierra.

Exclusive Access to the East West School Private Forum and Live Chats

As well as studying the course material, students are encouraged to access the “Student Assembly” online classroom on our website, where we offer a private forum area and chat room sessions with guest herbalists, East West Graduates and Michael Tierra. The forums and chat room sessions are your opportunity to engage, interact and connect with other students and school faculty. The online classroom also includes an articles area, PowerPoint presentations and more, all of which are included with your enrollment in the course.

  • Get exclusive access to live and archived chats with faculty/professional herbalists
  • Get exclusive access to current and archived faculty/student conversations in the forum
  • Forum includes huge knowledge base of previous herbal discussions
  • Get exclusive access to the East West student library

We Monitor Your Progress

Each lesson includes a test with projects or essays to be completed by the student at his/her own pace. The testing format consists of: true/false, multiple choice, matching and essay answer sections. In this way you are able to judge your own comprehension of the lesson material presented. The test questions are open-book and self-grade, while you e-mail us your essays and project reports. These illustrate your overall comprehension of the lesson’s concepts and themes. In this way we can monitor your progress and give feedback on any material that is not clear to you. These evaluations are then returned via e-mail.

  • Test your understanding
  • Work with us to analyze your progress

Professional Herbalist Final Exam and Certificate in Herbal Studies

Once you have completed the Professional Herbalist Course you take a final examination (also by distance learning) at no additional cost. Successfully passing this will entitle you to a Certificate in Herbal Studies, demonstrating completion of studies with Michael and Lesley Tierra.

Time to Complete Course

The average length of time to complete all 36 lessons and supplementary books is one and a half to two years. Students have up to five years to complete all 36 lessons.

This course lays the groundwork for eligibility to the East West Clinical Herbalist (EWCH) program. We encourage those in the Professional Herbalist Course to attend our onsite seminar tracks at our annual East West Herbal Seminars and learn some form of bodywork to combine with their herbal skills.

Supplemental Materials Include Herbalist Seminar DVDs, CDs, Articles and Books

In addition to the above curriculum, optional supplemental materials are also available, including instructional CDs, articles, booklets, books and DVDs. These enhance the lessons further and help explain some of the more intricate theories of herbology on a deeper level.

Supplemental Herbalism Education Materials

  • Herbalist Seminars and Classes: Audio
  • Herbalist Seminars and Classes: Videos
  • Herbalism Books

Work with Doctors, Chiropractors and Acupuncturists as an Herbalist

Many students, after completing this course, open clinics as professional herbal practitioners. As well, M.D.’s, D.C.’s and acupuncturists often call upon their herbal expertise. They also teach, do radio shows and publish their writings along with create products and perform other professional activities.

Come join us at the East West Herb School and become a well-trained, confident and competent herbalist!