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Acupuncture treatments for fertility

My husband and I were trying to have a baby for over three years. We were both checked and the doctors could find no reason why I could not get pregnant or the two times I evidently did become pregnant, I miscarried at around the third month. I underwent a series of acupuncture and herb treatment with you over the course of four months and finally became pregnant again. I continued to see you for treatment twice a month throughout my pregnancy and you gave gentle acupuncture and herbal treatments. Thanks to my husband and your gentle assistance, I now have a healthy 4 month old baby boy.

Dietary approach to herpes simplex

I am a woman, age, 33. I have been suffering from bi-monthly outbreaks of genital herpes simplex. Needless to say, this has severely impeded my ability to have a decent relationship with a man. You told me to stop all foods with sugar including fruit juice, coffee, marijuana and other recreational drugs. You also advised a diet based on whole grains, vegetable protein supplemented with fish. You also administered weekly acupuncture treatments for about three months and during that time prescribed a Planetary formula (HerbaDerm) and a tea to take daily. At first, my symptoms occurred with less frequency and less severity. Gradually this continued to progress until now, six months later, I have not had a herpes outbreak for two months straight and happily I am beginning a relationship with a man who I like very much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Red face cleared

I came to you for a severely red face for which medical doctors and dermatologists had nothing to offer. You painlessly applied fine needles to a number of points on my face and legs and gave me a Chinese herbal formula. All my symptoms cleared up within the first week after treatment.

Relief from asthma and emphysema symptoms

Since childhood, I have suffered from chronic asthma and emphysema. I am now in my early 50’s and the problem persisted, limiting my level of activity. As a result I have been on disability for 4 years. Even after the first visit where you applied needles and burning an herb close to the skin on my back, the symptoms have lessened dramatically. Thanks to you I hardly ever have to use the inhaler prescribed by my doctor.

Acupuncture controlled hemosiderosis symptoms

I am in my mid 40’s and have been diagnosed with a rare case of hemosiderosis (bleeding from my lungs). The disease leaves me feeling weak, anemic and consequently unable to work most of the time. I have mostly refused any conventional medical intervention feeling that it would further compromise my immune system. Except with occasional flare ups, the acupuncture treatments and herbs that I receive and take each week has been able to completely control all my symptoms. I have little or no episodes of spitting up blood and longer periods of sustained energy.

No-longer-terminal breast cancer

I was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. I already had a mastectomy on one breast but there was a hardened mass of cancer and scar tissue that extended from the area of the left breast to the shoulder. Since I refused chemotherapy, my medical doctors had nothing more to offer me. It has been nearly 10 years, I have completed my degree in psychology and continue following the macrobiotic diet and herbs you recommended. The mass remains but thank God, I am still alive.

Normal liver functions after cirrhosis

I was told my my doctor that my liver was at such an advanced state of cirrhosis that I should expect a liver transplant within a year. After consulting you and taking your herbs, especially Bupleurum Liver Cleanse, I returned for another blood test and all liver functions were within normal range. Thank you.

Planetary Formulas helped autistic child

I have been using your Planetary Formulas on my 5 year old daughter who is Autistic. The formula Calm Child…has helped my child calm down and she is able to concentrate for the first time she has been using it for 8 months and she is already doing well in school. She doesn’t speak but she signs well, and her art work and math and reading skills went up. … Your product has given my daughter a chance on life.

Full recovery from hepatitis

I recently treated myself with your herb tonic for the liver. I had hepatitis and my personal physician was certain that I would remain a carrier of surface antigens, but was completely surprised at my full recovery. Thank you for your inspiration.

Life-threatening kidney disease

Four years ago, I was diagnosed with a potentially life threatening kidney disease. Western medicine held not much hope except the slow decline of kidney function and future transplant. Since I am opposed to invasive procedures and the compromise of the immune system this was not acceptable to me. I turned to Dr. Tierra and found what I was looking for and needed. With much patience on his part and a lot of changes and work I am so excited to say that I have barely lost any kidney function in these past four years. In this time Michael has also helped with many other health problems, and I look to him as my major health care provider. During these years I have seen people travel from all over the world to come to his clinic. I have also seen him send many students out into the world to extend the healing.

A little note to say “thank you”

Dear Michael A little note to say “thank you” for the wonderful new life you have led me to.Last year I was under treatment for severe rheumatoid arthritis, the pain was constant. Most of the time I could hardly walk, couldn’t use my hands, I was 30 pounds overweight for years. I was given numerous drugs all with very dangerous side effects, the result seemed to be a progressive and deepening depression and feeling I just wanted to die. I am a very rigid and conservative Christian and had really been praying for a healing or to be led to someone who could help me. One day a friend I came to see me and mentioned your book “The Way of Herbs”. I read it and was very impressed. I then called and made an appointment. I had to wait 2 weeks. The same morning had the appointment with you, I got a biopsy report telling me it I had cancer. The medical doctor had me all set up for various treatments. I was in a state of shock. I left his office and went directly to your office. You talked to me about diet, attitudes and things no medical doctor ever bothered to mention. At that point, I really feel the Lord spoke to me and I made the decision to abandon all conventional medical treatment and go for what you suggested. That was the beginning of many miracles in may my life. I immediately started with the herbs, weekly acupuncture and the macrobiotic diet. The first miracle was that within a week, the arthritis was much better. In 5 months it was gone plus 70 pounds of fat. As far as I know, the cancer is gone too. The most important changes are those within,, as my body healed so my spirit . I will never be the same (Thank God!). I have not arrived nor will I ever these changes and new things come to me every day this is a lifetime Journey, not a final destination nor place I will over arrive at. My work with the Lord is closer than ever and you, Michael are the channel that he chose to reveal some of the changes I had to make. During the early days of treatment, many times I was discouraged and fearful, in those times you gave me the gentle guidance I needed and when necessary you let we know that I am responsible to study and do what I need to help my body heal. I really don’t have the words to express the gratitude I feel. Thank you Michael for showing me the way. I feel and look better than I have in 30 years. With much love, R. Joan Morris (Santa Cruz, Calif., 1983)

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