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They’ll learn how to make their own healing potions, secret remedies, magical salves, enchanted syrups and special healing remedies. Recipes, projects, delightful
stories, herbal songs, color in pictures and activities fill every page.
Buy A Kid’s Herb Book and you get the KID’S HERB COURSE absolutely FREE! A Kid’s
Herb Book
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A Kid’s Herb Book is packed with herbal preparations such as liniments, tinctures, salves, pills, capsules, baths, syrups, poultices, dream
pillows, herbal ciders and many more along with recipes, the basics on the energy of herbs and illness, plant ecology, gardening tips, flower power, an herbal tea party and
much, much more.
Below are just a few samples of what’s in each A Kid’s Herb Book and what will be available with the secret code that comes
with each new book to unlock the KID’S HERB COURSE.
STORIES: (There are stories already in A Kid’s Herb Book but with the secret code you can
listen to them!)
Cinnamon, Queen of the Spices!A long time ago, all the spices gathered together in a big
meeting. There was turmeric in her brilliant orange-yellow gown ginger in his golden-papery robe, hard-shelled nutmeg, sweet star-shaped anise, chili wrapped in fire engine
red and may, many more – cumin, coriander, fennel, dill, black pepper, caraway, mustard.
When the spices tried to start their meeting, none would stop talking. Spice after spice flared up, arguing over who would be leader. Their sharp chattering rose to a
thunderous roar until it was unbearable. Mustard seed, so tiny she could barely be seen or heard, had an idea. She hopped up and… he hopped up and… read the whole story.
SONGS: (There are songs already in A Kid’s Herb Book but with the secret code you can now listen to them
and sing along!)

Cayenne Song

Click here or on the picture of the sheet music to view the full size .pdf file of the Cayenne Song.
PROJECTS: (Tons of projects are in A Kid’s Herb Book and with the secret code you’ll
discover even more online!)
For this project let’s make your own VAPOR RUB to relieve lung congestion and coughs. Mix together in a glass bottle: * 1/2 cup mullein oil (or olive
oil) * 1/4 teaspoon eucalyptus essential oil * 1/8 teaspoon each lemon balm and thyme essential oils * Shake well and massage onto your throat, chest or back. * Cover with
a warm washcloth or piece of flannel.
PHOTOS: (There are many wonderful drawings of the herbs in A Kid’s Herb Book but with the secret code
there are photos and pictures you can see of the herbs online!)
Coneflowerphoto by: Lesley Tierra
Photo of a Coneflower:

Echinacea (coneflower) is a beautiful garden flower found growing all over the United States. Yet, it’s far more useful than just as a pretty garden plant.
It’s a powerful medicine, too. Echinacea acts like a natural antibiotic. It helps your immune system to heal infections and inflammations quickly. It also lowers fevers and
fights off colds. While new teeth are coming in, you can squirt several drops of the tincture on your sore gums. If you have a sore throat, gargle with the tea, or squirt
the tincture on your throat.

QUIZZES: (With the secret code that comes with each new A Kid’s Herb Book, the Kid’s Herb
has quizzes you can take. Their answers teach even more fun details about herbs.)
Question: Which of the following
is NOT true:
A. Lemon and orange peels make a tea that helps digestion. B. Wearing a plum in your navel is just
plain silly and doesn’t help motion sickness. C. Kitchen spices, weeds and herbs all have healing powers. D. Onions, mustard and salt can
all be used as healing plasters. E. Echinacea used to be called the “toothache” root.
(See page 110 in A Kid’s Herb Book for details!)
Answer: B
Well of course wearing a plum in your navel is silly but it also works to help lessen motion sickness. I dare you – try it and see how it works! But remember, you
can’t just tape any plum to your navel, it needs to be a Japanese umeboshi plum. Remember, you can also eat them to help heal headaches, tummy aches, cramps and much more –
even though they are very sour and salty. (See page 192 for more.)
CARDS: (Save it, print it and collect them all!)
PARENTS! Study along with your child – while your child takes A KID’S HERB COURSE, you can study herbs, too!
THE HOME HERBALIST COURSE provides basic information for learning herbal health and healing. It is founded on teaching the energy of herbs, illness
and foods since this is much more efficient and effective than allopathic western herbalism (meaning one herb is good for every cold, or the same herb is used for every
headache and so on). Instead, using the energy of herbs treats the person who has the illness and thus is geared toward each individual’s unique needs.
THE HOME HERBALIST COURSE includes written and video lessons on herbal properties, flavors, directions, doses, administration, safety, remedies,
preparations, first aid, treatments for common ailments, herbs as foods, formulary, the energy of herbs, illness and food, a materia medica, herb walks and much, much
So join in and study the THE HOME HERBALIST COURSE along with your child taking the KID’S HERB COURSE!
Call 831-336-5010 or go to: planetherbs.com, and click on the box: THE HOME HERBALIST COURSE.
Kids will meet and follow Mr. Greenleaf through this magical book, and explore the wonderful, mysterious world of
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Buy A Kid’s Herb Book and you’ll get the secret code that unlocks the
Cinnamon Plant Cinnamomum zeylanicum
How many herbs can you identify in your yard or neighborhood? 3? 5? 10?
Would you like to learn to make healing herbal steams?
People in Neolithic times used to eat elderberries. That was a long, long time ago! You can enjoy these
dark purple elderberries today in many different ways. Cook them fresh or dried into jams, jellies, pies or pancakes.
Did you know syrups can be used to treat coughs, bronchitis, colds, flu, mucus congestion and sore throats? It is soothing
to the throat and lungs and a delicious way to take herbs.
What you’ve seen on this page is just a very small sampling of what’s available online with the secret code in A
Kid’s Herb Book.
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Buy A Kid’s Herb Book and you’ll get the secret code that unlocks the KID’S HERB COURSE absolutely FREE!
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