We are very excited to announce that the East West School of Planetary Herbology now offers a NEWLY REVISED Home Herbalist Course! It is fully accessible online and teaches basic information on herbs through written and video formats. This course is complete in itself as it incorporates a materia medica plus “virtual” herb walks that along with many detailed lessons guide you through learning herbal health and healing.

The Home Herbalist Course is founded on teaching the energy of herbs, illness and foods since this is much more efficient and effective than allopathic western herbalism (meaning one herb is good for every cold, or the same herb is used for every headache and so on). Instead, using the energy of herbs treats the person who has the illness and thus is geared toward each individual’s unique needs.

The Home Herbalist Course is both comprehensive and yet simple enough for any beginner to immediately understand. It specifically helps you jump right in to the effective methods of using herbs in a variety of ways. You’ll not only learn important herbal fundaments but also be able to make remedies that help you improve your health and/or stay healthy for decades to come.

This online learning course is suitable for:

  • The beginning student interested in herbal medicine.
  • Those interested in herbal medicine for the general health of one’s self and/or family.
  • Someone who sells, grows or manufactures herbal and health products.
  • Anyone desiring an understanding of energetics for herbs, diseases and foods.
  • Those who want to use some herbs but don’t have time or want to undergo extensive training.

Home Herbalist Course Highlights:

  • Section 1: Knowing Which Herb to Use
  • Section 2: Determining Your Healing Diet
  • Section 3: How to Use Herbs as Food
  • Section 4: The Nitty-Gritty Herbal Fundamentals
  • Section 5: Making Your Own Preparations I: External Applications
  • Section 6: Making Your Own Preparations II: Internal Applications
  • Section 7: Herbal First Aid
  • Section 8: How to Treat Specific Ailments
  • Section 9: Resources (including materia medica and herb walks)
  • Section 10: Where to Go from Here

What you get with the Home Herbalist Course:

  • Easy to assimilate, bite-sized written lessons.
  • Videos by Michael and Lesley Tierra along with the East West faculty.
  • Three possible tiers of learning so you can choose your own depth of study.
  • A basic and yet strong foundation you can apply to any herb you explore.
  • Teachings that you can quickly and easily access for your immediate needs.
  • The access to study herbs at home following your own pace on any device.
  • A simple yet solid approach to using herbs anywhere in the world.
  • Ability to treat the person who has an ailment for true healing rather than a cure for a disease that may return.

Home Herbalist Course Specifics:

  • Course Length: 6-12 months
  • Ten sections containing over 80 lessons and videos
  • Complete online access on all of your devices
  • Written lessons and video teachings by Michael and Lesley Tierra and the East West faculty

Want to learn how to use some herbs for your own health and healing or that of your family but don’t want to undertake a long or extensive course? The Home Herbalist Course takes the complication out of learning herbs and simplifies herbalism so that you can achieve efficient results.

We teach the important aspects of the energy of herbs, illness and diet to help determine the most efficient and effective herbal treatments possible. These are principles that may be applied to any herbs around the world, regardless of where you live or travel. This is one reason we call our approach, Planetary Herbology.

The Home Herbalist Course is a great way to get involved in immediately learning and using herbs without making a huge commitment in terms of energy, time or money. It covers a substantial amount of basic yet useful information that you can immediately employ for your own health and healing as well as that of your family.

Three Tiers to Herbal Training

And that’s not all! The Home Herbalist Course provides all of this plus you can get involved at any level or depth you desire, for we also offer three tiers of progressive information and participation:

Tier 1: The Home Herbalist Course with its ten sections of over 80 lessons and videos, including a materia medica and herb walks

Regular price: $497, On Sale for $397, Save $100, sign up here for Tier 1: https://sso.teachable.com/secure/183864/checkout/907994/home-herbalist-course

Tier 2: The complete Home Herbalist Course plus self-grading quizzes with projects that receive personal evaluations and feedback plus a certificate of completion.

Regular price: $697, On Sale for $497, Save $200, sign up here for Tier 2: https://sso.teachable.com/secure/183864/checkout/907997/home-herbalist-course

Tier 3: The complete Home Herbalist Course, self-grading quizzes, projects with personal evaluations, certificate of completion and 1 year access to the East West Student Learning Center that includes a student forum where you can interact with other students, ask questions, and share your progress, three weekly chats with the East West Faculty, and an extensive library of articles and PowerPoint presentations.

Regular price: $897, On Sale for $597, Save $300 (Best Value!), sign up here for Tier 3: https://sso.teachable.com/secure/183864/checkout/907999/home-herbalist-course

All of this valuable information is available right now in easy to learn online written and video formats to help you become an effective herbalist in your own home right now.

Enroll today and immediately start on your own healing and preventative health path using herbs and their remedies!

Home Herbalist Course Details:

Section 1: Knowing Which Herb to Use

Twelve lessons cover the energy of herbs and illness, what this means, what they are, their qualities and characteristics, and how to use them to choose the best herbs most suited to treat any condition. They cover such aspects of an herb such as its healing or cooling influence, properties, directions, flavors and organs affected. Details next cover how to determine an herb’s energetic influence on the body as well as assessing the location, strength and qualities of illness. These teachings are then all put together in comprehensive charts for your quick and easy reference.

Section 2: Determining Your Healing Diet

This section includes ten lessons to help you determine the right diet for you and your healing process. First, we address the import of addressing diet in a course about herbs, particularly from the start. Then we will teach you a new approach to food that will bring you swift results like no other system. We include how to use food therapeutically with medicinal food remedies and charts along with the best and most balanced restart diet to use for regaining health.

Section 3: How to Use Herbs as Foods

What is the difference between an herb and a food? These lessons cover that distinction and teach how to use herbs and weeds as foods. It further provides information on the uses of vitamins, minerals and amino acids and their multiple food and herbal sources.

Lecture 4: The Nitty-Gritty Herbal Fundamentals

Many important herbal fundaments are included in these eleven lessons such as the uses of different plant parts, herbal safety, herb/drug interactions, proper dosing, how to administer herbs, harvesting herbs responsibly, preparing herbs for use as medicines, and storing herbs. As well, the basic principles of creating herbal formulas are covered. Then we discuss the Eight Methods of Herbal Therapy along with their uses, contraindications and affiliated herbs.

Lecture 5: Making Your Own Preparations I: External Applications

Instructions, supplies and resources are provided for making a variety of herbal applications applied externally to the body. They effectively treat such health conditions as colds, flu, arthritis, pain, skin conditions, and wounds. These applications include the approaches of baths, boluses, fomentations, compresses, liniments, oils, plasters, poultices and salves, including sample formulas and herbal suggestions.

Lecture 6: Making Your Own Preparations II: Internal Applications

These lessons cover the standard herbal preparations for treating internal conditions of the body. They include capsules, powerful dry tea concentrates, pastes, pills, powders, smoking mixtures, syrups, teas and tinctures. Complete instructions are given so you can make your own herbal medicines right now. Many herbal suggestions and formulas are included throughout.

Lecture 7: Herbal First Aid

These lessons first cover the specific herbal remedies to include in a first aid kit and what to use them for. Next, specific herbal first aid treatments are provided for common first aid conditions and a wide variety of possible health needs and situations.

Section 8: How to Treat Specific Ailments

These lessons provide treatments for specific ailments in a variety of ways. There are quick, simple remedies for a variety of conditions and then more in-depth treatments for common ailments. As well, several effective traditional formulas used by American, Ayurvedic and Chinese practitioners for decades to thousands of years throughout the world are given along with their specific treatment range.

Section 9: Where do I Go from Here?

Here we provide you with herbal study guidelines such as recommended reading, hands-on trainings and other resources to help further your studies.

Section 10: Resources

These lessons details several important resources for enhancing and supporting your herbal learning. There are many videos comprising a “virtual” herb walk, a valuable materia medica detailing dozens of common herbs used around the world, information on how to shop for herbs, a shopper’s guide to quality herbs, herbal resources and a weights and measurements chart.

All of this valuable information is available right now in six easy to learn written and video format to help you become an effective herbalist in your own home right now.

Enroll today and immediately start on your own healing and preventative health path using simple herbs and remedies!

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