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Praas (Chyawanprash), 500g


Praas is an ancient herbal tonic which is considered to be one of the most valuable anti-aging supplements in Ayurveda. Said to be a strong energizer and immunity booster, it may help achieve higher level of immune system function, promote detoxification, healthy digestive function and balance acid levels, maintain youthfulness by renewing tissues and counter attacking degeneration, providing longevity. Praas is ideal for the whole family.

Measurable Health Benefits:

  • Promotes detoxification
  • Stimulates metabolism
  • Invigorates the liver
  • Balances stress levels
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Improves concentration and memory
  • Enhances digestion and absorption
  • Supports normal blood sugar and healthy cholesterol levels

Ingredients: Emblica officinalis (Indian gooseberry), Honey, Sugarcane concentrate, Clarified Butter (Ghee), Withania somnifera (Winter cherry), Curcuma zedoaria (Zedoary), Boerhavia diffusa (Spreading hogweed), Terminalia chebula (Myrobalan), Elettaria cardamomum (Cardamom), Cyperus rotundus (Nutgrass), Tribulus terrestris (Caltrops), Asparagus racemosus (Indian asparagus), Leptadenia reticulata, Piper longum (Long pepper), Pterocarpus santalinus (Sandalwood), Phylanthus urinaria, Adhatoda vasica (Malabar nut), Aquilaria agallocha (Aloe wood), Vitis vinifera (grapes), Aegle marmelos (Bael), Tinospora cordilfolia (Indian tinospora) , Nelembium speciosium (Indian lotus), Desmodium gangeticum, Clerodendrum phlomidis (Wind killer), Oroxylum indicum , Phaseolus trilobus (Wild kidney beans), Teramnus labialis , Solanum indicum (Egg plant), Glycyrrhiza glabra (Liquorice), Zingiber officinale (Dry ginger), Hemidesmus indicus (Indian sarsaparilla), Rhus succedanea (Galls), Corchorus fascicularis, Desmodium laxiflorum, Dioscorea sativa (Asiatic yam), Uraria picta, Stereospermum chelenio, Inula tacemosa , Herpestis monniera (Brahmi), Evolvulus alsinoides, Asclepias curassavica, Sida cordifolia, Pistacia integerrima, Solanum xanthocarpum, Gmelina arborea, Stereospermum suaveolens, Bambusa bambos (Bamboo camphor), Cinnamomum tamala (Indian Bay leaf), Cinnamomum verum (cinnamon), Mesua ferra (Cobra saffron)

Biomagnetic and Herbal Therapy, by Michael Tierra


Magnetic energy is the structural force of the universe. Explore the healing influence of magnets for many conditions and the sometimes miraculous relief from such problems as joint pain, skin diseases, acidity, blood pressure, tumors, kidney liver, thryoid problems, and more.

Magnetizing herbs, teas, water and their usage in conjuntion with direct placement of magnets for synergistic effectiveness is presented in a systematic, succinct and practical manner for the benefit of the professional and lay person alike. Replete with diagrams and appendices, this is a how-to-do practical handbook for augmenting health and providing relief from pain.

Wan Hua Oil


Wan Hua Oil ingredients (by Jing Xiu Tang Brand, Guangzhou Jing Xiu Tang Pharmaceutical Company Limited):

  • Carthamus (hong hua) 7.25%
  • Moutan (mu dan pi) 1.81%
  • Sparganii (san leng) 3.62%
  • Drynaria (gu sui bu) 5.43%
  • Ledebouriella (fang feng) 5.43%
  • Gardenia (zhi zi) 3.62%
  • Clematidis (wei ling xian) 5.43%
  • Oleum eucalypti (an ye) 5.43%
  • Cortex Gossampini (mu mian hua) 5.43%
  • Hylote lepphir verticillati 3.62%
  • Radix Rumicis japonica (yang ti) 5.43%
  • Radix Berchemiae lineatae (tie bao jin) 7.25%
  • Flos Chimonanthi praecocis (la mei hua) 5.43%
  • Oleum Terebinthinae (ma you “ turpentine oil) 13.04%
  • In a base of plant oils 21.78%

Accu-Band 24 k Gold Plated Magnets


These are the rare earth magnets are that offer the 9,000 gauss (Br) higher strength. They are a little larger than the Accu-Band 6,000 gauss magnets. These magnets are gold-plated (GP) measuring 0.06 inches x 0.2 inches diameter, with 0.8 inch diameter band-aid plasters. The bionorth (-) side contacts the body and is marked with a small indentation. The Accu-Band 9000 GP comes in a package of 12.