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Enroll in the Professional Herbalist Course

$2,499.00 $1,749.00

All New Materia Medica Lessons
Over 600 Herbs, 264 Formulas, 944 Health Conditions, Plus Much More!

Our Big Summer Solstice Sale is Here!

Professional Course Lessons 1-36 – Now on Sale, Save 30% ($750 off the regular price of $2499) when you enroll in all 36 Lessons by June 22!

The following materials are mailed to you:

  • 36 Lesson Professional Course
  • Test Workbook
  • Index booklet
  • Including these five books:
  • The Way of Herbs by Michael Tierra
  • Healing with the Herbs of Life by Lesley Tierra
  • Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine, Vol. 1 by Michael and Lesley Tierra
  • Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine, Vol. 2 by Michael and Lesley Tierra
  • Planetary Herbology by Michael Tierra

Enroll in the Professional Herbalist Course Here:

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Or use the Payment Plan

Professional Herbalist Course Payment Plan


Payment One: $833

  • Professional Herbalist Course Lessons 1-12 with the following four books:
  • The Way of Herbs by Michael Tierra
  • Healing with the Herbs of Life by Lesley Tierra
  • Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine, Vol. 1 by Michael and Lesley Tierra
  • Planetary Herbology by Michael Tierra

Payment Two: $833

  • Professional Herbalist Course Lessons 13-24 with the following book
  • Chinese Traditional Herbal Medicine, Vol. 2 by Michael and Lesley Tierra

Payment Three: $833

  • Professional Herbalist Course Lessons 25-36

Payment Plan Detail

The three payments total $2499, the regular price of the course enrollment.

Students have up to two years to complete all three payments at the set price with enrollment in payment one, although actual course completion may take longer. All benefits of the Professional Course apply. Payments not completed within two years are subject to a small fee to continue enrollment and are determined on an individual basis depending upon student progress. Students are not obligated to continue with the course if they do not proceed to payments two or three. East West School reserves the right to make book substitutions based upon title availability.

To enroll with the payment plan please select ‘payment one’ or call: 831-336-5010

New East West Herb Course Lessons 13-36 (for those previously enrolled)


For East West Students already enrolled in the 36 Lesson Professional Course (previously paid for Lessons 1-36), a special offer to upgrade to the new Lessons.



The Special Offer for students already enrolled in the East West 36-Lesson Professional Course.

1) Mailed: Completely new revised, updated, expanded, and reformatted Sections II & III (Lessons 13-36)

2) Emailed: All new Index Book and a new Test Workbook**

**The new Test Workbook is for your reference and use moving forward from your current lesson on. Know that the East West School does not re-review lesson essays that have previously been submitted.


Home Herbalist Course

$240.00 $175.00

Learn Herbal Medicine Online – Take the Home Herbalist Course Syllabus

  • Lesson 1: Herbs as Special Foods
  • Lesson 2: The Nature of Medicinal Herbs
  • Lesson 3: Herbal Formulary
  • Lesson 4: Herbal Remedies I
  • Lesson 5: Herbal Remedies II
  • Lesson 6: Herbal Therapeutics

Lessons are ONLY available by download. This is a pre-order special – lessons available for download – coming soon!

Home Herbalist Online Course Highlights

  • Course Length: 3 months
  • Lessons: 6 downloadable lessons – 2 lessons per month
  • Cost: $240 or 3 payments of $80/month
  • Pre-Launch Sale Price: $175
  • East West Classroom Access: 1 year, includes forum, library and live chats

The Home Herbalist Course Books

Buy all three books at a 33% discount on the Home Herbalist Course and Books Page.

Enroll in the Family Herbalist Course


The Family Herbalist Course is a personal enrichment course, which includes material from the Professional Course, but does not offer tutor marking for the lesson material.

The Family Herbalist Course consists of twelve lessons, the book Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health by Rosemary Gladstar, a study guide with articles and teachings by Dr. Michael Tierra, and the following which provide the materia medica basis for the course


This is a 12-lesson distance learning course suitable for the beginning student interested in herbal medicine; those interested in herbal medicine for the general health of one’s family; someone who sells, grows or manufactures herbal and health products; and anyone desiring to pursue a theoretical basis in the principles of East West energetics for herbs, diseases and foods.

Testing material is included in the workbook along with a key for self-correction. If you would like to have your work reviewed by East West School it is best to enroll directly into the Professional Course instead and you can start with the first 12 Lessons and then proceed to the rest of the course as desired.