Blackberries Wine and Whisky

Blackberry Wine

By Michael Tierra Tinctures are one way to take herbs but herbal wines are still another. They have the advantage ...
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Indian Gooseberry Benefits for the Liver Heart Gut Brain


Dr. Michael Tierra L.AC., O.M.D. Long, long ago, there was a sage in India named Chyawan who lived in a ...
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John Bastyr

Creating a Legal Profession

by Dr. Michael Tierra L.AC., O.M.D. Year long sales of herbal products ending in May 1998 is over 106 million ...
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Free Land Free Love Tales of a Wilderness Commune

Free Land: Free Love: Tales of a Wilderness Commune

Michael Tierra Purchase this book. Some of the healers and systems of alternative medicine that have emanated from the late ...
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Ayurveda The Mother of Natural Healing

Herb Forum

Thank you for visiting East West School of Herbology, home of world-renowned herbalists Michael and Lesley Tierra. No doubt you ...
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Spinach Leaves Outstanding Broad Based Nourishment

Weeds as Medicine, Weeds as Food

Michael Tierra L.Ac, OMD, AHG founder It is everyone's birthright to learn how to use the common wayside weeds that ...
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