Alan Tillotson EWCH

Alan Keith Tillotson, Registered Herbalist, (AHG), Ph.D

Chrysalis Natural Medicine Clinic

“I began my study of herbal medicine when I got sick in Afghanistan in 1976, and ended up at the clinic of famed Ayurvedic doctor Vaidya Mana Bajra Bajracharya, who saved my life. I stayed in Nepal and studied Ayurvedic theory with him for two years. When I returned to the states, I found that there was virtually no way to continue my studies of Ayurvedic herbal therapy, so I began to study Chinese medicine. But when I ran across Michael\’s Way of Herbs, I knew that I had found a teacher able to help me learn Western herbs and also to integrate that with my previous studies, so I began the East West course near its early inception, finally meeting with Michael and Lesley in Arizona where I showed them some of my Sanskrit Ayurvedic field notes. We have remained close friends ever since. What I discovered in Arizona was that my practical knowledge of Western herbal treatment was deficient, and I began to draw on Michael and Lesley\’s extensive practical experience. I still regard the East West course as one of the three educational pillars of my now 30 year successful career as a professional herbalist, author and developer of specialized treatments for serious diseases.”

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