Jen Ciccolella
Office (612)-910-6915

Jen is the owner and clinical herbalist at World Tree Herbals in Minneapolis, MN. She works with clients worldwide, specializing in Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine techniques in combination with Chinese, Western, and Ayurvedic herbs. Jen is trained in auricular therapy, cupping, gua sha, and reiki, as well as in Traditional Chinese Medicine nutrition, which she incorporates into her treatment strategies.

Jen graduated The East West School of Planetary Herbology’s “Professional Herbalist” course and successfully completed the “East West Clinical Herbalist” (EWCH) course under a two-year mentorship with Holly Hutton, EWCH, RH AHG. In addition, she has completed three intensives with Western herbalist Matthew Wood.


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  1. It’s been an honor to witness you walk this journey. You approached your herbal education with such a great passion and with an unyielding drive to provide the very best care for your clients. I look forward to seeing what lies ahead and all the contributions you make to the world of herbalism. This planet is ready for healers in every sense of the word and I know you are prepared to meet that challenge.

    Cheers to you!!!

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