Jill Ruttenberg, EWCH

AmaTierra Retreat

Costa Rica

  • Phone # 011(506) 2419-0110
  • AmaTierra
  • 2 Km Este de la Iglesia Católica de San Pablo, Turrubares, San José, Costa Rica.


  • AmaTierra Hotel and Retreat
  • 3109 Grand Av.
  • PMB 283, Miami, Florida USA 33133
  • amatierra@gmail.com
  • Toll Free: 1-866-659-3805
  • Fax: 011-506-2419-0094

Jill Ruttenberg is a Hatha yoga instructor, massage therapist and registered clinical herbalist with 30 years of experience in Chinese and western herbal medicine. Jill is AmaTierra’s Yoga & Wellness Director, resident herbalist and founder of AmaTierra Integrative Herbs. A lifelong student and teacher of natural medicine and alternative healing therapies, Jill has spent the past decade integrating her practice with a comprehensive knowledge of tropical plant medicine in collaboration with local Costa Rican herbalists and indigenous healers.

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