Nathan Shannon EWCH
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My introduction into natural healing came from being exposed to herbal folk remedies, homeopathy and Chiropractic care by my mother and grandparents while growing up in rural central Wisconsin. My inherent love for nature and seeing the world around me in a way that I would later learn is called animism, piqued my interest in working with the natural world in a co-operative and co-creative manner to help improve the circumstances around me. I began my studies of natural medicine in the ways of folk healing and herbalism on my own as a teenager, through reading and talking to country folks. These folk methods were basically herbal and food remedies utilized along with Christian prayer work.

Martial arts were another big influence on me and my initial path to natural healing. I started to study the Asian martial arts at 12 years of age and eventually became exposed to Chinese and Japanese medicine. In 2002, after moving to Phoenix, AZ, I decided I wanted a career in natural medicine. I began studying acupressure and different systems of tui na, which is Chinese medical bodywork, most of my training was done within Chinese martial arts communities. Throughout this time I also began learning about Chinese herbal medicine.

In 2006 I decided I wanted to learn more about American modalities of herbal medicine and bodywork because I could see the value of integration in the work of some of my colleagues. I began taking classes and apprenticing with folks practicing Western herbalism, and folk herbalism/healing such as curanderismo (Latin American folk medicine) and Southern root work. In terms of bodywork I began studying craniosacral therapy and different forms of kinesiological medicine. The East West School of Planetary Herbology has been incredibly helpful in teaching me an effective system of integrating Eastern and Western herbal modalities. The theory and principles of the planetary system have also informed the way I practice bodywork. My private practice now includes Planetary Herbalism and American folk healing/herbal methods in conjunction with bodywork that is geared towards restoring and maintaining the health and vitality of my clients through improving their physical structure as well as optimizing the functions of the various systems within the body.

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