Nicholas Schnell, EWCH

Nicholas Schnell, RD, LMNT, RH (AHG)

Four Winds Natural Healing Center, LLC

  • (402) 933-6444
  • 316 North 115th Street, Omaha, NE, 68154, United States

“At the ripe age of twelve, after having a calling to be an herbalist, my grandmother took me under her wing and showed me all her home remedies. Each day my passion for plants has continued to grow. Soon after completing my Bachelors degree from the University of Nebraska, I found Micheal’s book Planetary Herbology. I knew I had found my herb teacher, someone who had a real clinical understanding! I swiftly signed up for the East West Course without hesitation.

I went on to finish two additional years of nutrition education at University of Nebraska, a one year nutrition clinic rotation at Texas State University, a 400 hour AHG Mentorship with Michael Tierra and various other apprenticeships and clinic rotations. I still am in the midst of my eighth year apprenticing with my Native American teacher, Pete Medicine Eagle. I supported my self through all of my education by seeing patients and working at a local healthfood store.

I founded the Four Winds Natural Healing Center in Omaha, Nebraska. My practice incorporates Traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic, Western, Native American and European herbal therapeutics. I am a faculty teacher at a number of local colleges and also am a preceptor for fourth year medical students studying alternative medicine.

My personal vision is four fold. One, I strive to embody the traditional healer in a modern clinical practice. Two, I strive to heal and educate my community. Three, I am passionate about rediscovering the vast amounts of lost information on western herbs and their limitless possibilities. Four, I am focused on providing patients a truly holistic experience.

My personal belief is that Nature has provided everything that we need, and it is up to us to research and understand the countless possibilities she has blessed us with. Our clinic maintains a full tincture, bulk herb and powdered TCM herb dispensary. Each patient receives handcrafted formulas to meet their specific constitutional needs. Our clinic also has an acupuncturist and three body workers. We see a variety of illnesses at our clinic and receive referrals from healthcare providers around our state. We see an entire spectrum of ages from young children to the elderly.

I also founded the Four Winds Center for Herbal Studies, with a dream to educate my community on taking their health back into their own hands. Our classes cover all areas of herbalism including medicine making, nature hikes, field identification, cooking classes, overcoming specific disease, cleansing and detox programs and a variety of other workshops. Our new two year apprenticeship program with clinical rotations has also just started.”

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