Will Morris

Resident Scholar, Department of Acupuncture, Clinic Supervisor PhD, California Institute of Integral Studies, 2009 DAOM, Traditional Oriental Medicine, Emperor’s College, 2006 MSEd, Medical Education, University of Southern California, 2004 BS, Business Administration, University of Phoenix, 2001 William Morris is a transformative leader in education and the medical professions. He served as president of the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AAAOM) from 2005 to 2007. As president of AOMA, 2005–2015, he led the institution through regional accreditation with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, the acquisition of its own campus, and the creation of the DAOM program. Prior to beginning his tenure at AOMA, Dr. Morris developed and achieved accreditation for two doctoral programs in acupuncture and Oriental medicine (DAOM). While serving as consultant to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, he organized two Institutional Review Boards to support research in acupuncture and Chinese medicine, one at Emperors College and the other at AOMA. Dr. Morris is a frequent contributor to the academic dialog, writing  a column for Acupuncture Today and regular articles for the American Acupuncturist. He is the author of Neoclassical Pulse DiagnosisTransformation: Treating Trauma with Acupuncture and HerbsLi Shi- Zhen Pulse Studiesan Illustrated GuideReiki: Hands That Heal; and TCM Case Studies: Dermatology. Dr. Morris’s academic background includes an Oriental medical doctorate from SAMRA University, a doctorate of acupuncture and Oriental medicine from Emperor’s College, a PhD in transformative studies from the California Institute of Integral Studies, and a master of education in medical education from the University of Southern California. He has studied in three family lineages of Chinese medicine (Ding, Gu, and Yang) and considers the most important education of his career to be his eight- year mentorship with Drs. Shen and Hammer in the Menghe-Ding family lineage of internal medicine. With 30 years of focus on pulse diagnosis, his current work involves a synthesis of standard, family, and classical systems of pulse diagnosis. In addition to his work at AOMA, Morris periodically instructs special seminars in pulse diagnosis, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, personal transformation, and leadership. AOMA is pleased and privileged to have Dr. Morris continue at AOMA as resident scholar, teacher, and practitioner. As AOMA’s president emeritus, his knowledge and experience in graduate education in acupuncture and Oriental medicine will continue to influence and guide AOMA’s academic programs.

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