EWCH Jill Barnattan

Jill Barnattan is an impassioned yogi, integrative clinical planetary herbalist, flower essence practitioner and organic gardener, utilizing her 20+ year study and practice of yoga and herbs to empower students, family, friends and clients to discover and manage imbalance in their bodies and minds. She has been formulating unique herbal skin care products since 1995 when she started her original company, Kaleidoscope Naturals. She is a graduate of the East West School and gratefully continues her studies. Jill truly believes that yoga is a self reliant healing system and can assist the body and mind to synergistically work together. Jill is always striving to dig deeper into her yoga practice, concentrate on structural alignment and explore the poses that will assist her and others with common ailments and inner peace. Her Unwind Your Mind yoga classes at seminar are Hatha based and combine her knowledge of the ancient traditions of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Five Element Theory Diagnosis with the practice of yoga asana to give students a better understanding of their own bodies. The goal of each Unwind Your Mind class is to promote surrender, mindfulness and to revitalize the parasympathetic nervous system. Jill also loves to create unique herbal apothecary products and encourage others to experiment with new herbal recipes in the kitchen. She is so excited to offer another hands on Luscious Medicine Making class at seminar this year! Read more about Jill at www.VitalEquilibrium.com.

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