The East West School of Planetary Herbology is committed to providing the best possible training for home herbalists, health professionals and clinical herbal practitioners so that they may serve the health needs of their respective communities ethically, safely and effectively.

  • To fulfill this mission, East West teaches Planetary Herbology, Dr. Michael Tierra, O.M.D.’s unique, global approach to the world’s greatest herbal healing traditions ‘“ East Indian Ayurvedic, Chinese, and Western.
    Planetary Herbology unites a solid study of herbs from all over the planet, scientific research, medicine-making and diagnostic systems that will increase the efficacy and healing results of practitioners at any level, in any geographic location.
  • Guided by Tierra’s 30-plus years of worldwide clinical experience, and staffed by a talented faculty of professional herbalists, the East West correspondence course further fulfills its mission by offering its students distance and on-site education from the very best experts in the field. (link to faculty)
  • The East West School of Planetary Herbology is committed to delivering this training at a fair, affordable price, free from false claims of accreditation or degrees that ultimately mean nothing in terms of granting legal standing in the USA for its graduates. (link to page on accreditation)
  • The East West Planetary Herbology Course’s objective is to prepare its graduates interested in pursuing a course as a professional herbalist to pass the rigorous application process for professional membership in the American Herbalists Guild (AHG).

The AHG is the only national organization representing professional clinical herbalists, working to establish national standards for herbal education. Acceptance as a professional member in the AHG is the only national peer-reviewed process for the accreditation of professional herbalists in the USA.


Our vision is to personally empower people of all financial, ethnic and geographical backgrounds to effectively address their own medical needs with the healing powers of plants.
We Hope:

  • To share the priceless knowledge of worldwide botanical healing at this point in history when it is so direly needed (link out to MT’s letter with more elucidation on this topic)
  • To educate and continually cultivate professional, competent herbal practitioners who are ready and able to heal and empower others in terms of their individual medical needs
  • To inspire and call forth a dedicated and well-trained corps of leaders who will advance the profession of herbalism as one that is positive, ethical and in harmony with all aspects of nature

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