Herbalist Holly Hutton

Essay Reviewer

With her skillful guidance and direction, Holly is our main reviewer for the lesson essays. She also teaches at the East West Seminars, specializing in Medicine Making and Formulation. As well, she is the Forum Moderator in the online classroom, guiding our students and graduates who benefit from her many years of experience in all aspects of herbology. Holly Hutton, EWCH, RH, is a clinical herbalist, teacher, medicinal plant grower and owner of Herbal Goddess Medicinals, an herbal products company (you can find many of her products at https://centraloregonlocavore.org). She is a graduate of the East West School of Planetary Herbology as a East West Clinical Herbalist and a professional member and Vice-President of the American Herbal Guild. Her mentor and teacher is KP Kalsa, co-author of The Way of Ayurvedic Herbs. She reviews essays for the East West School and specializes in medicine making and formulation. She is currently working on a medicine making manual and book on bioregional herbalism. Holly’s sideline is designing herbal elixirs/tinctures for cafes, tonic bars and making infused herbal liquors for parties. Holly loves the East West School of Planetary Herbology school and is excited to be a teacher at their amazing yearly seminar. As a clinical herbalist, Holly works with individuals to achieve and maintain optimal health, wellness and longevity. To this end, Holly works at both the symptomatic (branch) and constitutional (root) level focusing on herbal, dietary and lifestyle approaches. Her goal is to provide clients with a comprehensive framework that focuses on a variety of options that they can pursue. Her philosophy is that humans are composed of a series of physiological systems that are always in a state of flux. Her goal as an herbalist is to identify specific plant medicine that help these systems achieve a healthy state of balance. Holly embraces the community herbalist model in that she grows and makes her own medicines along with teaching classes on growing medicinal herbs and medicine making. Access and affordability are interwoven throughout her practice by providing a sliding scale or teaching clients how to make their own medicine.

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