Aly Lear

This July I am thrilled to be celebrating my third year as a part of the East West School Community where I plan to be a life-long-learner of Planetary Herbology. It makes me so happy to say I finally feel at home in this network of healers at East West. I have always been right at home in nature thanks to many generations of plant lovers in my family; now it is so special to share that with the kindred spirits here. Growing up my favorite time was always in the garden with my family, or deep in a remedy book enchanted with my grandmother’s handwriting.

I know it’s my life’s purpose to protect the legacy of these and all plant-lovers, and I couldn’t be more thankful to be here at this time and place. My life’s work is cultivating plants, and the relationships we have with them. My ultimate goal is to facilitate the connection between people and the plants they love for the highest good of both! Thanks to all of you East West Family, looking forward to many more years experiencing the joy of learning Planetary Herbology with you!

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