I live in Bend, Oregon on a small farm with my family. Since 2016, I have had a practice of Energy Medicine and Holistic Nutrition.  I grew up in the Cascade Mountain range in Washington state near Mount Rainier. I spent many hours in the outdoors and I fell in love with the beautiful plants and trees that grew there in great abundance. After I left home, I worked as a chef at several wonderful farm to table restaurants – working closely with the local farmers. I enjoyed foraging for seasonal fruits and vegetables as well as the alchemy of transforming these foods into something delicious and nutritious.

When I had kids I soon found that the hours involved with restaurant work were no longer ideal for me, and so, I became a full-time Mom. My kids and I had some health issues and we soon learned that the Western medical system didn’t have all of the answers that we were looking for. We ended up working with alternative medicine – which was very fascinating, helpful, and gave us good results. I decided that I wanted to follow alternative medicine as a career path. I studied energy medicine with Eden Energy, shamanism with the late Hank Wesselman, essential oils with Tiffany Pollard, holistic and functional nutrition with Andrea Nakayama and The Psychology of Eating with Marc David. I am presently studying with the East West School of Planetary Herbology. I started the program in 2020. The structure of the program has allowed me to move gradually towards completing the course despite a full schedule.

I love working with plant medicine and the alchemy involved. I am studying the medicinal plants that grow locally and dream of someday opening an apothecary with a friend of mine.

My goals are to continue to study and learn in order to increase my knowledge and ability to help clients that walk through my door. I am really enjoying deepening my knowledge of Eastern medicine and learning about herbalism and the secrets that plants hold.

Learn more about my practice: https://www.thyme-energy.com

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