Student Ann Roe

Hi, my name is Anne Roe and I am 33 years old. My origin is Germany, which I left five years ago to travel the world and find the most important person in my life: me. What a ride! I initially biked around New Zealand, where I am now settled and married.

And I found my life purpose: getting people healthy and happy.

I completed my diploma of Sports and Economics in Germany as well as my first Yoga Teacher Training.

On my travels I discovered a passion in different kinds of body works and trained as a Massage and Bowen Therapist and Ayurvedic Practitioner. With over five years’ experience I now run my own practice where I combine ancient wisdom with modern science, helping other people on their life journey.

I started with East West School at the end of 2012 and am very much enjoying the course. I have recently invested in the latest German technology for evaluating the nutritional status through hair follicle analysis. The knowledge about different herbs around the planet will help to make positive nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, which assist the body in regaining balance and optimal health.

I am passionate about any kind of movement and guiding people to become intuitive with their bodies. Yoga is an amazing tool to help this! I love connecting with Mother Nature, reading and studying, socializing, travelling and harvesting organically grown veggies out of my garden!

My goal is to combine different modalities and bring both science-based medicine and traditional healing wisdom together. I would like to work extensively with eating disorders and body image and the role of natural medicine in this area to help people stepping into their potential and to realize how much more there is to life.

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