My name is Gabriel and I am from Andalucia, Spain. Since I was a little child I felt a deep love for nature that took me to study Biology in the University. After completing my studies, I felt the urge to know life in a deeper way than science could give me. I became interested in psychology, natural therapies and spirituality. In 2009 I became initiated in Inayati Sufism, and while this path has satisfied my spiritual thirst, I still wanted to find a way of expressing all what I was learning in a way that could be shared with others.

In 2018 I graduated in a master of phytotherapy by the University of Barcelona, in that moment I felt “I have the title, now I need the real knowledge”. I always had the intuition that somewhere in the world should exist a really holistic knowledge that could integrate the physical, psychological and spiritual realms of the human being. In 2019 I found the web page of East West School of Herbology and I enrolled in the professional course. I saw then that the paradigm of the course was mainly based on Chinese Medicine, so during some time I wanted to deepen in the logic behind the thought of Chinese Medicine. I realized that this was what I was looking for all this time! It is such a precise and deep body of knowledge, cultivated by sages during thousands of years, that is a real privilege to be now a student of it. This has given sense to all my professional career, and while I am still a student (and I will be all my life), I hope to work professionally as an herbalist soon. That will be a dream made true. Thanks to the School that is being such an important step and support in this.

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