Student Hanni Hellerram

My name is Hanni Heller-Ram I was born and raised in Israel. My mother is German and raised us on Dr. Schuessler’s  bio cell salts and chamomile tea. We had a garden with over 400 species of fruit trees, vegetables and flowers and she installed in me the love for plants.  My husband and I arrived in Connecticut in pursuit of our college education; here I studied and practiced architecture and raised my two boys.  Healing was always in the background, often helping family and friends with simple herbal suggestions, Reiki and aromatherapy. About 10 years ago, while looking for ways to better myself and my architecture, I got introduced to Feng Shui. This started my quest into Chinese philosophy and several years later, I emerged as an acupuncturist.

I love acupuncture! I have my own practice for almost five years now, and in addition I am an adjunct professor at the acupuncture clinic at UBIA, and a volunteer at a local AIDS project.

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, at the time I went to acupuncture school, my program did not offer the herbal part, but I knew that I would get back to it one day. My problem was that I could not connect and relate to the Chinese herbs as commonly taught in the local Chinese medicine schools.   I wanted to study through my hands, touching, feeling and gathering like in my mother’s garden, hoping to find a way to integrate both. Last year, I signed up for a CEU class with Michael Tierra through PCOM and I know right away that I found my match. The Planetary philosophy and Michael’s warm and down-to-earth approach were what I was looking for. I joined the East West family in December 2015.

My goal is to slowly but fully integrate herbology into my practice. I would like to be able to offer my patients the full spectrum of Chinese medicine. Furthermore, this is still my personal quest, and maybe one day I will be able to get my OMD or PhD.

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