Student Jane Kuntz

I grew up in the Yorkshire Dales of England. In my late teens I developed a love of travel – not surface travel, like a tourist, but a sinking into and admiration of other cultures. I did Peace Corps, experiencing memorable summers in Scotland, Ireland, Morocco, Italy and Greece. I trained as a teacher/social worker, teaching a variety of ages, and working with troubled teens. A second degree, in theology, led me to church social work in Scotland.

But I always had a passion for health and healing. As a child I rescued stray cats and kept them in boxes in the hedgerow, feeding them scraps from the fish and chip shop.  This passion attracted me to the Seventh-day Adventist church, where I have learned much about preventive lifestyle and natural remedies. I worked at a natural healing center in Norway, before heading for America, where I met my husband, Rick.

My passion took a back seat as we raised our children. But when our youngest went to college, I decided to take the plunge. Mom had just passed to her rest, and there was a small legacy. What better way to honor my dear mother than to learn the plants she had taught me to love? 

After a six-month apprenticeship with a local herbalist, there was no turning back. I tore the brush and briars off a neglected bank, and planted an herb garden. I enrolled with the late Clayton College, intending to complete their Master Herbalist Certificate, and earned their Consulting Herbalist Certificate, but I knew I needed more.

I looked into different schools and was drawn to East West. For me personally, it was a blessing that Clayton closed, or I would not have discovered East West. I love the course itself, and all the extra-curricular opportunities. I can enjoy logging into the online classroom forum and the Wednesday Night Chat with Susan Kramer is a jewel chest.

I would like to complete the 36 lessons, take part in the May seminar, and possibly seek mentorship. My goal is to teach herbal healing in the community and to develop a small home practice, offering consultations, and selling homegrown and wildcrafted remedies. Currently I work alongside Rick in pastoral work, teach a monthly herbal class, and give free consultations when asked. My hobbies are my herb garden; walking with our dog, Wolfy; feeding backyard birds; exploring Maine islands; and horse-riding, cycling and kayaking when opportunity presents. I still love to travel – our family goes each Christmas to bless the children at an orphanage in Honduras. I am developing a medicinal herb garden for them too, and have become by default their “on call” herbal consultant!

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