I’ve always loved the magic of Nature. It all began with growing up hiking and surfing the Northern California mountains and coastline. On most nights my dog, Turk, and I would head to the hills to see what nature may have in store for us. We’d return home with a sack full of plants, rocks, seashells and many critters.

I was probably about eight years old when I put up my first ‘tinctures’ in water. I was always fascinated with the mysterious alchemy of plants, natural healing and spiritual traditions of other cultures. It helped that I grew up in a family that exposed me to Eastern philosophies and healing traditions.

In college I pursued a degree in transpersonal psychology and gerontology while continuing a side line of delving into holistic studies. This eventually led me to co-create a holistic services business, Golden Tree Holistic, with my partner of 12 years.

On New Year’s Eve 2009, I enrolled in the in Professional East West Course. I graduated May 2012. I’ve gained more than I ever imagined, through the support and curriculum provided, to add to my skill set in helping others on their paths to healing.

In addition to operating Golden Tree Holistic, I’m creating Community Herbs Wellness Center with fellow graduate, Nicole MacDonald, exploring mentorship toward membership to the AHG, completing certification for Medical QiGong and Auricular Therapy, all the while furthering my studies in herbal therapy and functional medicine. I also volunteer as director of a community garden for a local spiritual organization.

I love to paint and sculpt and I enjoy hiking, qigong, making medicine, gardening, permaculture, and tending to the ‘girls’ – my backyard chickens, pictured above: Summer, Sugarpie, Honeypie, and Lemon Balm (who, by the way, is cool & spicy), and my beautiful, white kitty, Angel.

I feel a deep sense of gratitude for this school and its curriculum. Michael and Lesley have created a wonderful, supportive environment for developing herbalists. The teachers are outstanding and the students and extended East West family… amazing. I’m deeply grateful to share this journey with all of you.

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