Jonah Ruh

Finding myself in the place I am now, I feel so much gratitude to witness my life filling with herbs- building my apothecary, building my understanding, having a homestead to invite medicine plants to grow and for me to grow with them. I feel too, a familiar feeling – of being in x marks the spot – that feeling of arrival. I have been here before. When I found rainbow and the tribes in the woodland gatherings, my spirit awakened and I was home. Five years later, again I was in the crosshairs when I took my vows to become Muslim and devote my life to spiritual purification. I could feel my very pulse echo in my ears as all else fell away.

Now I am older, my midpoint, my 40, the age I wanted to have my shit together and know my work. I’ve rooted my first chakra- I recognize my tribe. My second, nourished by my sweet husband. My third is my sense of self. In my youth I was a queen and then in my religious fervor I made myself a slave. Now I am neither. I have my core. I know who I am. My fourth, my heart, and that is where herbs come in. Nothing is new, the plants have been my acquaintances throughout the years but only now has the door opened for me to seek their friendship. I am so grateful to the East West school, to Michael Tierra for being relentless in curiosity and seeking understanding of the different systems of knowledge to bring us the best of them. I started at East West a year ago and am beginning to scratch the surface in understanding the main concepts and putting this knowledge to work by sharing herbs with friends and family. Opening my heart to these teachings, I go deeper- learning about our intricate relationship to plants, understanding the human organism and how our constitutions vary and the impact our various ‘bodies’ have on each other- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. There is such richness here and I am so grateful to be on this path. I love my fellow students and teachers here in this school. I am in awe of the ways life unfolds and look forward to the work ahead. 

When I was in my 20s, my goal was to grow into a wise old woman and on a sunny knoll in the forest, grow moss over my body as I became one with the earth and a spirit of the woods. My goals are much the same now, and along the way I want collect medicinal plants on my property and become a medicine person, helping those in need find health. I would like my place to become a United Pant Savers botanical sanctuary, as I develop relationships to the plants around me and live close to the earth. I seek to live true to myself and in so doing provide space to encourage others to follow their hearts as well.

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