My name is Josh Kuhn. I am an Ohio native and have for as long as I can remember felt a deep kinship with the natural world. Over the years I have worn many hats (bicycle builder, found object sculptor, mime) but have always come back to the land.
In 2011 my wife Bix and I bought a 100-plus year-old run-down farmhouse on a few acres in Mount Vernon, Ohio, with a vague notion of starting a sustainable farm. Having diverse backgrounds in the arts and physical trades we decided to call the farm and subsequent business, Bailiwick Farm. As the land was turned and the greenhouses went up, we slowly honed our concept into a working herb business. During this time, I began a study of Appalachian folk medicine. The use of native plants and naturalized colonial varieties in American roots medicine is so steeped in lore and tradition that it was impossible not to fall in love with it. Folk medicine being largely based in traditional use and anecdotal evidence of function has its merit; however, to truly understand a thing one must delve deeply. I enrolled in the East West program in 2017 and am so thankful to have made the commitment. Working toward the understanding of constitutional affinities, energetics, formulation, and phytochemistry has not only made me a better herbalist, but a more inquisitive human being.
In addition to working my farm, I am currently working on opening a turn of the century stylized apothecary called Old Mr. Bailiwick’s where I will provide bulk herbs, custom formulas, teas, tinctures, topical remedies, and of course, art. The goal is not only to raise up and support the wellness of my community but also to provide tools, materials, and fellowship for healers of all modalities. In my down time, I play the banjo and lead kazoo with my wife in a two-man jug band yet to be named.

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