Student K Darnell

I was born Arvella Louise Harris in Richmond, Virginia, but was renamed after adoption. I live in Hubbard, Oregon, population 2800, halfway between Salem and Portland. I’ve been married to my husband, David, for 23 years; he’s a pro musician, electrical contractor and classic Mopar enthusiast. We have four kids, one grandson, and dogs, birds, water frogs (two each). We have a small yard with lots of herbs and vegetables. My civic jobs include City Budget Committee member and a ‘yes for backyard chickens’ organizer. I have enjoyed the privilege of staying at home with kids, pets and yard for 12 years (home schooling for eight). Before that I was a copy editor, paginator, circulation manager and classified ad sales rep for the local newspaper. I have a Porsche 928 that I love to drive fast, but I like other things, too, like photographing plants, gardening, swimming, reading, cooking, reading about cooking, reading while cooking, and making big pots of stinky, bubbling Chinese decoctions.

I desired to be a doctor since childhood but never got there ‘“ which is good because I couldn’t practice a system devoid of Spirit. I began training at North American Institute of Medical Herbalism in May of 2008 as a reward for being smoke-free for over one year. That July I enrolled at East West as the next step to a certificate, but didn’t start the coursework until finishing my NAIMH course in October 2008. I also completed’s Intro Homeopathic Course last year.

My professional goal is to have a small practice specializing in substance recovery and ‘black water tea’ therapy. I’m hoping to travel to the Orient for some training and look forward to learning shiatsu and reflexology as adjunct bodywork modalities because bringing comfort through the power of touch resonates with me. I have 16 clients and a little office in a modern, gated RV storage area, adjoining David’s custom car shop ‘“ not ideal, but it does have the advantage of being clean, private, and less than a mile from home. It’s right where I’m supposed to be at this point in time.

I extend warm ‘thanks’ all who have helped me cultivate this calling, or seed, that has dogged me forever to uncover and water. It is an honor to care for people in this capacity.

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