Studen K Gervais

I was born in Newport, Rhode Island. At age six, my family moved to the suburbs near Chicago where I resided until 1974. There, I met new friends who taught that healthy eating habits and taking care of the body increased the likelihood of having a better quality of life. Their example was the evidence that inspired me to make some needed changes.

The year 1974 was a pivotal time. As I reached the age of 18, I began to acknowledge and accept there is a divine design in all of life. I soon became practiced in what became known as “Attunement,” a non-touch or light touch energetic approach to aligning the body, mind, and heart with spirit. I learned that clearing patterns of disease is congruent with spiritual development.

I served honorably in the USAF from 1975-1979. Afterward, I deliberated on a career choice between becoming a chiropractor or a school teacher. For a variety of reasons, I chose teaching. In 1985, I earned my B.A. and teaching credential at Northeastern Illinois University. While looking for work, I moved to Oklahoma. There I earned a Masters of Education degree at Southwestern Oklahoma State University. In 1987, I began my teaching career in southern California.

As a special education teacher, I have taught and evaluated hundreds of children with learning disabilities, autism, ADD and ADHD. My experience proved that seeing beyond the disability while fully accepting each child, seemed to reduced stress levels which opened channels for healing and learning.

I enrolled in the East West School of Herbology in November 2008. From the start, I have been amazed at the amount and depth of knowledge that is provided by the facilitators of this course. I graduated in May 2011. The study of herbal medicine has provided a stepping stone to becoming a successful herbalist for which I am very grateful.

I’ve always had a natural interest in serving others. My hobbies include music and dance. As Thoreau alluded, I hear/feel “the beat of a different drummer.” It’s been a good life.

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