K Martin
I am originally from a small town in Calaveras county California, which is in the foothills and upward into the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains.  I knew since I was a child that I wanted to live on the coast.  Thirteen years ago I discovered Humboldt County, where I immediately felt at home and still live today.
I grew up around gardening.  My mother and grandmother were and still are passionate about outdoor gardening and landscaping.  I always loved working in the garden with them.  I began to discover herbalism around age 14.  There was not much in the way of natural healing modalities where I lived, so I mostly exposed myself to it by reading books.  After moving to Humboldt, I discovered herb shops and apothecary stores.  After Western medicine failed me on more than one occasion I started experimenting on myself with tea blends and tinctures for my anxiety and other health issues I had, and found herbs to be very effective.  I was first exposed to TCM by seeing an acupuncturist, who I will still say to this day saved my life.  I began wanting to attend an herbal studies program to become an herbalist, but finances and my work schedule would not allow me to.
I went to college and became a certified addiction counselor about 5 years ago.  I continued to study herbs, diet and lifestyle changes on my own time.  I began to think about how herbal medicine and diet changed my life and how others would often come to me for advice about herbs and dietary changes, and about how I could possibly integrate these two worlds.  I had discovered the East West program about 5 years ago, but did not know how I would pay for it.  One day, I decided I was going to make this happen.  I was going to find a way to do the East West program so I could help people heal from addiction and other health problems with herbal medicine, food and lifestyle change, no matter what their income is.  I started a Gofundme page, and here I am.  I started the program in March of 2016 and am about two thirds of the way done.  I recently decided to work towards my masters to become a licensed therapist, to one day open my own practice/wellness center where people from all walks of life can come to get help.    
When I am not working or studying, I enjoy hikes on the coast or in the redwoods, gardening, and making herbal formulas for friends and family.   

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