Well, I’m finally doing what I love; plants, nature, herbs, healing and learning. I’ve been involved in East West for a couple years. My original goal was to heal myself of a debilitating autoimmune disease that kept perplexing medical doctors. While they remained perplexed, I became more sick.

My journey started with a wonderful clinic that offered a medical doctor and a nutritionist under a membership program. For $50 monthly, I had 24/7 access to both. I logged all of my activities, food, play, supplements for one year. I made wonderful progress. Then I began working more closely with the MTHFR gene mutation. A complete diet makeover and quitting gluten allowed my brain to work better. And, finally, I registered with East West. I am so in love with learning and healing that I’m a bit slow on actually turning in course work! Nonetheless, I attend the amazing chats. As I heal a bit more every day, I am committed to finishing the course to become an herbalist.

I recently moved to a remote area of north central Oregon, where I live off grid with my husband and my zoo! This area is very welcoming to herbs and natural healing; as the closest doctors are 1.5 hours away. Without herbs and nutritional knowledge, I would most likely not be here today. I am grateful. Thank you to everyone who makes this school thrive!


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