I grew up in the small town of Yuba City, CA. I spent most of my childhood helping do the inventory of my local health food store’s vitamin department. It was one of my favorite things to do as I learned about herbal remedies and all the crazy big names. I used that knowledge as I grew up with hormonal imbalance issues and found my healing through herbs. Herbal medicine became personal for me because it changed my life. I received my B.A. in psychology in Missouri and eventually returned home to work in the wellness department of my local health food store. I loved returning to my roots here and helping customers. It was amazing to have a customer come back to tell you how much a remedy worked. I worked 5 years learning under national trainers for multiple supplement brands. But I craved more and wanted to help customers in a deeper way off the floor. It was there where I worked closely with the Planetary Herbal line products. I learned about the amazing school by Michael and Lesley merging all the healing systems I had learned to love.

I enrolled in East West in July 2018 and was able to find the purpose I longed for. I opened my own wellness business in 2019 called LunaLei Wellness where I incorporate what I learn in East West as well as my history in the supplement industry. I left my local health food store in January of this year to manage and teach at my local yoga studio where I am blessed to have an office location to see clients. I am currently the only alternative wellness option in my city and I have been raising awareness with local workshops. My vision and goal is to make natural wellness a viable option in my community. I am currently working on launching wholesale herbal products and eventually would love to teach herbalism studies.

My future husband and I live on 1 acre of land with our rescued weiner dogs, gorgeous cat, and lots of plants. I love my yoga practice and most relaxing moments are spent tending to the plants in my own home. I am so thankful to have found East West in my journey.

Website: https://lunalei.wixsite.com/lunaleiwellness

Instagram: @lunaleiwellness

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