laurel paxton

My name is Laurel Paxton, I grew up in the beautiful oceanic community of Santa Cruz, CA. I currently live in South Lake Tahoe, where I spend my days homeschooling my children and studying the healing arts. I love studying herbology from around the world and everything around me as much as possible! I have had great experiences mixing my studies together with curriculum for my kids. I’m raising future herbalists, but they don’t know that yet!

I have always been on the path of holistic healing, spiritually as well as physically. I have had my share of serious health problems in the past, but give a lot of credit to my suffering for helping me find the path to where I am now as a healer. My personal experience has gifted me much compassion for all walks of life, and all creatures of our planet. I am a big believer in practicing gratitude and I feel that spiritual health is the prerequisite to physical health and balance. Through my studies at the East West School of Planetary Herbology, studying Medical Astrology, and other physical and spiritual healing modalities, I am building a foundation and emphasis on healing the whole being, physically, mentally and soulfully. As an intuitive and medium, I plan to implement my gifts whole-listically, from physically working with nutrition and herbs, cleansing ancestral karma, working to clear and balance chakras, healing deep wounds that impede on physical and spiritual health, teaching grounding and healing techniques, as well as to help my clients find a connection of oneness in this life. I will always strive to further my own connection with Mother Earth and let her guide me to where I am needed most as a healer. I look forward to uniting with others that share my intentions to bring unity and healing to all, no matter their circumstances. I’m excited to practice in a clinical setting, participate at free clinics, and hopefully set up more free clinics, both in the country and out. I will proactively do what I can to make a positive impact on our planet. I plan to teach classes in many communities and share root medicine and sustainable food practices that will empower the people.

Please connect with me, I hope to work with all that seek universal healing and planetary oneness. I can be contacted through my Instagram. Many blessings, peace, love, light and oneness to all!

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