I was lucky, though having been born in London, to have spent much time in Nature as a young boy. My mum who’s Polish also brought us up on natural foods and medicines at home and by the time I was a young student I was talking peoples ears off about natural being the best!

After years of travelling and living in different countries, I’ve finally settled in Devon, in the South West of England, and have been working as an Ayurvedic Practitioner and with Indigenous Healing Work for several years. Having also been a gardener, my passion was predominantly to work with our local plants but with an eastern diagnosis as the traditions and lineages of the herbal lore from these cultures are intact. And so I was so happy to find the East West course and to hear how well recommended it was to me by some mentors. Having begun in early 2017, I really appreciate how much it has helped focus my perception of the world as well as given me the tools to be able to make a living I love. For instance, after I had unknowingly been taking lots of Yin Tonics as Pitta reducing herbs in Ayurveda, I diagnosed the need to start taking Yang tonics and had such a profound change of energy and attitude in my life! This psychological effect of the herbs really interests me in helping people find true wellbeing.

In my spare time I love playing the guitar and have begun the violin, and greatly enjoy walking by the river near my home, partner dancing, and having a good cup of tea, a big roast and singing with close friends. My wishes from here are to establish my career with this new and more available skill set, create a good home and garden, start a family, and continue my travels in the world as an official herbalist!

My thanks to Michael and Lesley for your vision and offering, all the staff at East West for your dedication and service, and to all the students who help make this school the house of learning and commitment that it is.


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