Hi! My name is Morning. I have lived in various places around the U.S., as well as elsewhere in the world. I have loved and enjoyed the people I have known, and the richness of being able to experience many other cultures and spiritual paths.

I currently reside in California, where I have the privilege of working with other herbalists involved in the East West school.

Health and healing has been a lifelong path, starting from when I was very young. I have explored and developed different modalities of healing, with my greatest interests being in what I have experienced to be effective again and again. To this end, I have found profound results not only with the more mainstream and interactive psychological approaches, acupuncture, meditation, martial arts, and bodywork, but also through the more energetic approaches of polarity, maitri, remote healing, simply pulling up and running energy, and, astonishingly to me, also through being in the presence of someone who is a master of their energetic art.

The area of study that I am most interested in developing is in the area of the heart/mind/emotions/soul. I have both seen and experienced how many unhappy states of mind and perspectives on any given situation that seem utterly convincingly absolute, have been able to shift through herbs.

I often see the brokenness/ broken connections in our world, and am happy to have found, and hope that I may effectively develop, another piece that can help bring individuals back to wholeness in themselves, having then a healthier, happier place to be with each other.

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