I was born in Lithuania while it was part of the Soviet Union. We were a self sustaining family, living and surviving on the labor of our farm. My father’s work as a forester connected me with nature and I developed a great respect of earth’s bounties. Growing up, we used many of nature’s plants for medicinal and nourishment purposes. As a teenager, I experimented with herbal teas. I began to follow a Lithuanian family doctor, Eugenija Simkunaite, who combined
western medicine treatments with holistic methods. At the Lithuanian University of Agriculture, I received my bachelors degree. At this time in world history, The Soviet Union collapsed. I took advantage of traveling opportunities, working agricultural jobs in the Netherlands and in the United States. I began to study beekeeping and furthered my knowledge about herbs and plants.

Life then took an unexpected direction. I met my husband-to-be (Tom), married him, and by 2001, was the proud mother of a boy and girl. During that time, Tom and I owned and operated a family restaurant on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. After seven years of a grueling but rewarding business experience, we moved to a rural area of the state and yet another chapter began.

Always wanting to stay busy and contribute, I began (uncharacteristically) what was to be a 20-year career with CVS as a pharmacy technician. The huge and profitable drug business did provide income, but more importantly, made me aware of alternative paths to good health. I was able to grow (and am still growing) my beekeeping skills, assisting with area farmers. The joy of providing healthy products (honey, propolis, pollen, etc.) to hundreds of customers has been nothing less than a blessing from God. It has been a natural progression into the herbal world.

My association with East West has cemented my passion and direction into a world of herbal treatments, exercise, healthy diet and Chinese formulas. I am now in my third year of East West classes, and my thirst for a natural life routine has never been stronger. I am happy to share my experiences with friends, friends-to-be, and family. I am so happy to have found you all and hope these acquaintances blossom into lifelong friendships and memories.

One of my faves: ”The greatest medicine of all is to teach people how not to need it” — Nerija Hopkins

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