Rachael Witt, May 2018

Hello! My name is Rachael Witt. I am a land-steward, herbalist, and teacher of ancestral skills. I grew up amidst the Oak woodlands in the foothills of the Sierras. As I explored the world around me, studying plant ecology and ethnobotany, opportunities led me to the small town of Duvall, Washington, where I am currently planting some roots.

I work for a community herbalist’s business, Julia’s Good Medicine; where I am fortunate to be able to wildcraft, tend the garden, make plant medicine and sell products along the West Coast and online. I also teach youth programs and adult classes at Wilderness Schools in the Puget Sound area. Most often, I am led to believe that the strongest medicine is connecting with place. That’s to say, I am generally outside playing and exploring with the local flora and fauna.

My journey with herbalism started as a young girl. I was obsessed with making plant concoctions and using my senses to create remedies based on color, smell, texture, taste and what the plants would whisper into my ear… I studied plants in college while working at a small farm and sustainable living center. After graduating, I went on to perform plant ecology studies in ecosystems of the Caribbean, Latin America, and the Ozarks.  At the different research sites, I found myself conducting interviews with the local people (mainly the elders of the community) about the edible and medicinal usage of the plants that I would find within my quadrats. It wasn’t until I was in the field collecting data (and Chanterelles) that I realized I’d rather be interacting with plants, people and place as opposed to graphing species diversity…so I opted for a different plant path.

I started with the East West program after many years of working with wildcrafters, production herbalists and witches of the Pacific Northwest. A traumatic back-break kept me from romping around in the woods and made me focus on the healing pathways of the body. I had a remarkable recovery through a combination of TCM, Ayurveda, Western Herbs and Soma Therapy. During this time, I realized the importance of wholesome, holistic health; integrating diet, bodywork, soulcraft, and nature connection. And now I am working towards cultivating a well-rounded practice as a community herbalist. I am honored to be a part of a community of inspiring and powerful healers as well as wise teachers of many healing traditions. I am grateful to have the opportunity to integrate the ever-expanding teachings of East West into my healing journey.

Website: WildnessWithinLiving.com



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