Student Ryan C

I have held a deep interest in natural healing for as long as I can recall. My grandfather was a chiropractor, and I remember receiving an adjustment from him at age 5. Perhaps that spurred the initiative to pursue natural medicine. Having studied karate when I was younger also seemed to influence my leaning toward taking care of my body and mind holistically.

My formal journey began 18 years ago when I started studying massage therapy, graduating as a Registered Massage Therapist after two years of study. This opened my passion for healing which then led me to study homeopathic medicine for four years with the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy and later for two years in the Homeopathic Master Clinician Course. Throughout my career I have been drawn to continue my studies in homeopathy, osteopathy, bowen therapy, postural exercise, and energy medicine. In 2008 I excitedly began studying herbal medicine with the East West School of Planetary Herbology, anticipating being able to help people in a new way using herbs and diet therapy. It has been a rewarding journey that continues to inspire me.

Gradually over the years, my passion and interests have opened in the direction of teaching others how to heal themselves. In January 2010, I wrote and published my first book titled BODY ‘“ The Essentials of Health and Wellness which has been my first major step in this direction. BODY is the first in a series of three books ‘“ BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT, with the latter two books due to arrive over the next few years.

When not practicing, studying, or writing, I love to spend time in nature, especially hiking in the backcountry mountains of coastal British Columbia and the Rocky Mountains. I currently live and practice in Port Moody, British Columbia with my wife’”a Naturopathic Doctor.

Later this year I plan to teach some workshops in holistic health and launch my newsletter on my website at Other future plans include holding retreats with a group of colleagues where people can rejuvenate in body, mind, and spirit.

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