Student Shelly
Growing up on the outskirts of Salt Lake City, UT (yep, I’m a Mormon) my family grew and preserved much of our own food and enjoyed the great outdoors.  Outside of school I studied many types of dance and spent my free time hiking, biking and climbing all over the magnificent state of Utah.
I graduated from the University of Utah in the field of Mass Communications and Public Relations with an emphasis in Special Populations and research and soon after, I married the love of my life. Over the past 18 years his work has moved our family to Boston, MA, Falls Church, VA, Salt Lake City, UT,  St Petersburg, FL and now to San Jose, CA. Our four children, ages 10-16, are my favorite full time job.
In addition to being a mom, I have taught tap, jazz and ballet classes for the past 20 years, as well as worked in public relations and special events for many non-profit and government organizations. Most recently I worked as of one of the Program Directors of the YMCA’S Diabetes Prevention Program where I worked with insurance companies, physicians and hundreds of individuals to help stem the tide of pre-diabetes through facilitated support groups, physical activity and dietary changes.
My love for herbs and natural healing go hand in hand with my love of gardening, my love for my family and my religious beliefs. One by one each of our children has experienced significant health challenges that Western medicine couldn’t resolve. When a wise friend introduced me to Nourishing Traditions, I began to seriously study western herbs and traditional diets which finally lead to positive changes in our family’s health.
When the East West School crossed my path I somehow knew I had finally found what has been calling me my entire life. I am ecstatic to be studying with Michael and Lesley and the other students here in the Greater Bay Area and am amazed at the depth of knowledge the program instills. I am overwhelmed by the compassion that TCM allows us to offer our clients, particularly that everything matters in TCM and no complaint is too small to address as part of bringing the body into balance. Working with our local group in the Santa Cruz Free Clinic has been life-changing. Many of our clients are blown away with the details we ask and the genuine interest we can offer for their well-being. I can’t help but want to offer the same thing to everyone I know and everyone I meet.
I am working feverishly to finish the program and become a clinical herbalist. I would love to open a small herb shop and offer consultations and education to my community. My website will be up and running soon!

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