I came from a big family of many siblings, and was born in Lithuania Klaipeda (former Prussia`s Memel, by the shore of the Baltic Sea) while it was part of the Soviet Union. When Soviet Union collapsed, every one in my family took advantage of traveling opportunities and as a result, was spread in the world like seeds. 

Growing up, with Grandmother`s healing arts made me see, feel best of myself and the world around. Her love to wander out in the forest for herbs and berries grounded me, and I developed a great curiosity of Nature`s treasures. Herbal teas and tasty remedies with Grandmother`s chanting made me feel soaring above my body, so I could see me walking down with her. 

All my “degrees” and diplomas are self initiated. And as everything else I like to do myself. I received diploma as an accountant-manager and began to work as an accountant in the Swedish Joint Stock Company in 1996 and there I met my husband and yet had to learn another language-Swedish. 

Among all my many interests, I`ve decided to learn flowers and got exemplary diploma in floristry. But never taken a step forward for business with flowers, instead, I have them all at home literally, everywhere, many different sorts of flowers, like in the “jungle.” They give me great visual and emotional comfort.

I love to travel before the pandemic, and I`ve visited many places in the world. Everywhere I travelled I always take some seeds and grow them in my Garden, and many of them are thriving despite the geographical and climatic differences.

Two summers ego I’ve been bitten by tick and after a while I notice the rush start to appear on the place I was bitten and grew wider and wider. I searched the web for Lyme disease symptoms, and I was accurate in my suspicion. That tick that bit me had bacteria Borrelia. I’ve searched about pharmaceuticals mostly destroys gut bacteria but do not cure the symptoms of the disease. Then, in my browsing I found an audible book from Audible “Healing Lyme “by Stephen Harrod Buhner which led me to the right choices of plants for cure the patterns of this disease, and after some efforts I was symptoms free! From that great book there was a leading path to East West Herbology Course, and without a second thought I`ve decided to enrich my herbal heritage and enrolled in the course February 2021.

And here, I am sure, that times spend and knowledge received here in East West Herbology Course with Michael & Lesley Tierra will be of great use to me, my family, friends and others.

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