Michael at American Botanical Council Awards

Thursday evening, March 10, 2016, Michael was given the Mark Blumenthal Community Builder Award by the American Botanical Council (ABC). Mark (Founder and Executive Director of ABC and Editor of HerbalGram) announced the award during a lively evening for the 11th annual ABC Botanical Celebration and Awards Ceremony, held before the opening of the Natural Products Expo West convention in Anaheim, California. As Mark said, “He is one of North America’s most venerated herbalists, and his many writings, teachings, and activities have resulted in creating a growing community of professional herbal practitioners throughout the United States and beyond.” Giving the award, Mark listed Michael’s numerous contributions to the herbal field: author of nine books, teacher of well over 9,000 students worldwide, mentor to multiple others, founder of the American Herbalists Guild (AHG) and founder of the Santa Cruz Free Clinics. He also reminded everyone of Michael’s background and start at the Black Bear Commune in Northern California in the 1960s and 1970s and his talent and gifts as a classical pianist. For the full announcement of this award with more details on Michael, go to: http://cms.herbalgram.org/press/2016/Herbalist_Michael_Tierra_Receives_ABC_Community_Builder_Award.html?t=1457455525&ts=1457803269&signature= r 6bfa01eff809c47ff9b6c7b6c3b731c9 Congratulations Michael, and very well deserved! PS As another example of Michael’s continuing dedication, we spent the next day combing through the Expo during which Michael spent most of his time obtaining more free products for the Santa Cruz Free Clinics!

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