Another Plant Spider

I recently stated using a macro lens on my camera and it has changed my world — not just in getting greater close-up shots, but also in bringing the “micro” universe better into view (for a similar experience try looking at nature through strong reading glasses).

Yesterday on a photo outing I focused on flowers and was amazed to find insects I hadn’t seen. In fact, without the lens I would have completely missed them. Here’s one:

hiddenbug I also saw “landing strips” for bees: landingstrip a threatening face on a spider’s back: spider2 and water drops on the intricate texturing of leaves: waterdrops

The possibilities seemed endless!

Just as swimming under water opens up another world to me (especially snorkeling and diving), so does the miniature view. It is truly another “cosmos” co-existing within ours. These little things in life so often go unseen — and unappreciated. The more I relax into the micro-view, the more I am thankful for the small gifts in life — the wind in the trees, rain on the roof, sun on my face. As well, I give thanks for belly-deep laughter, purring cats in my lap, a knowing smile and oh, so much more.

Try turning your “macro lens” on your life right now. What little things do you appreciate?

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