A frosted donut

There is so much focus on what one should do in order to stay well that I sometimes find switching the tables helps people gain a different perspective of how their habits invite sickness into their lives.

Thus, I offer here the easiest ways to get sick. Have fun!

  1. Eat all the ice cream, candy, pastries, desserts, caffeine and chocolate that you want, whenever you want.
  2. Drink all the iced cold drinks that you desire.
  3. Work all the time and definitely don’t stop to rest or eat. Or if you must eat, be sure to do so while working, doing business, at your desk, standing up, or on the run.
  4. Drink caffeine to wake up in the morning and to keep you going throughout the day.
  5. Drink alcohol to relax every night.
  6. Don”t rest when you feel the need but use sugar, caffeine or chocolate to get through the day.
  7. Don’t pay attention to your emotions, but assiduously ignore and stuff them.
  8. Be sure not to laugh. Instead, feel resentful, bitter and critical. Definitely worry about everyone and everything.
  9. Don’t follow your heart’s desires but follow your “shoulds.” Avoid everything you really want to do and follow everyone else’s opinions and advice.
  10. Avoid making any changes that would bring you greater health, happiness and joy.
  11. Sit all day and only travel in vehicles. Whatever you do, don’t walk or exercise. Or if you must, exercise strenuously and to exhaustion.
  12. Don’t accept yourself, who you are, your body”s unique health needs, or inner dreams.
  13. Ignore any signs or symptoms indicating health imbalances. Wait until they are serious health issues before you seek help.
  14. Work all the time and be productive. Don’t stop to eat, rest, play, sleep or creatively express, or if you must, only do so quickly and then immediately return to work.
  15. Don’t follow your creative urges, but keep busy with work. There’s always time for it another day (or month, or year).

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