Journal to honor the issue

Instead of making traditional resolutions this year, lose weight, save money, change jobs, shed light on your life and make the big changes instead by shifting the life patterns and cyclical themes that hold you back.

Most recurring problems stem from past wounds and core beliefs. These organize into life themes that repeat over and over regardless of time, place or people involved. They are the tapes that run in your head and that you repeatedly think and believe about yourself, others and the world.

Just as a cell has many receptor sites that dock substances such as hormones, so your being has energetic ‘receptor sites’ that resonate with your limiting core beliefs and life themes. These then attract similar events, relationships and circumstances in your life, creating a disconnection between what you want and what actually happens.

For example, you may desire wellness, but since you hold a hidden core belief that you have to work really hard to get what you want, the result is adrenal exhaustion instead. Or you might desire an intimate relationship, but your subconscious cyclical pattern of abandonment causes you to be defensive and protective, pushing away potential partners instead of attracting them. These are the issues upon which to shed your light this New Year.

The first step to identify your patterns is to zoom in on what isn’t working in your life. The universe is always mirroring back to you the condition of your love, will, intent and vision, so what is the world mirroring back to you? What happens to you over and over? What core beliefs limit your desires? What pain in your past repeatedly holds you back? Where do you feel stuck in your life?

Once you discover a limiting belief or cyclical theme, honor it, acknowledge it and see it for what it is, for only then can you receive its teachings, message, wisdom and gifts. Honoring means, ‘I see you. I hear you. I receive you.’ There are many ways to honor, altars, journal writing and direct dialogue are just a few. Do at least one of these, for an issue might not resolve until it has been honored for a while.

This is because honoring is like weeding a garden: just plucking the leaves and stem doesn’t remove the weed; until its root is dug up, the plant will grow again. As so many of your core beliefs and life themes are held in your subconscious, you may have to dig deep.

To dig out the root, ask yourself questions such as: How does this issue make me feel? Have I ever experienced a similar relationship, health issue, or situation like this in my life before? When? Who was involved? When did it start? Keep going back over your life, identifying more repetitive situations when you felt that way. What have I learned from it since? How has it served me? What are its messages and/or teachings? When you know all of these answers, ask a final question, am I really ready to be finished with this pattern? Perhaps it ‘buys’ you something, gives you security or keeps you from having to change. If so, alter this decision so you can release the core belief or cyclical pattern that is holding you back.

Once the honoring feels complete, unleash the pattern through ritual or ceremony. There are endless possibilities here, but one of the simplest and most time-honored is a fire ceremony. To do this, create sacred space, light a candle or fire and focus on what you want to let go. Thank the issue for its gifts and teachings, then blow it into an object three times ‘” this can be a stick, the pattern/belief written on a slip of paper, or an item representing the pattern or belief. Then burn the object, letting the fire fully consume it to ash.

The last and most important step is to invoke what you do want. Outline it in detail and focus solely on the new desire to help it birth. Afterwards, if a challenging situation arises that reminds you of the old pattern or belief, keep tuned to the new desire instead and do more honoring and/or perform more ritual and ceremony as needed. In time, the new pattern will establish and your life will ‘miraculously’ change.

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