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I decided it was high time again to introduce you to a few of my favorite things (I can’t believe it’s been five years since the last time I did this!). As I tend to focus on healing and not just herbs, you’ll find all sorts of items here, however tune in on Dec. 15 for my latest four favorite herbs. Enjoy!

Drinks by Zenergy Naturals

Someone really got the right idea going when they created these drinks. Made of both Western and Chinese herbs, these products are tasty substitutes for coffee and caffeine in general. The best way to purchase them is via email at: info@zenergyNaturals.com. This is a small company, so give them time to respond! You can set up automatic monthly delivery as well. For more information go to: http://www.zenergynaturals.com/Home.html

Original Zen

My favorite, Original Zen, is not only good for you, but delicious as well. It is comprised of U.S. grown cordyceps plus astragalus, eleuthero, dandelion root, chicory root, barley extract, and rye extract. It increases immunity, energy, stamina, memory, focus, and athletic performance. You can make it into all sorts of drinks just by adding protein powder, milk or cream, vanilla, or other flavorings.


Zenopause is the same idea as Original Zen but made specifically for menopausal symptoms. It contains lycii (goji) berries, rehmannia, white peony, dioscorea, ophiopogon, cordyceps, eleuthero, astragalus, dandelion root, and barley extract. It not only enhances immunity, but prevents hot flashes and night sweats, and supports memory, vision, and libido.

Earth From Space DVD

This is an enthralling two-hour long DVD that gives you an overview of the entire planet. You’ll learn amazing facts about the interconnection of various continents and climates and how they work together to sustain life on earth. For instance, I was stunned to learn our oxygen source didn’t come from the forests in the Amazon, but start with the desert dust from Africa that fertilize the Amazon basin and in turn lead to plankton blooms in the ocean. Learn the roles of lightning and the underwater “waterfall” off Antarctica in sustaining our planet. A NOVA special on PBS, you can purchase several places on the web, including shoppbs.org.

Swimmer’s Eardrops

I’ve been a swimmer my whole life and learned first hand the pain of ear infections. I learned about these natural eardrops from a colleague and have used them ever since. Mix equal parts rubbing alcohol with white vinegar. Use after swimming by inserting 5 drops into each ear, allowing the liquid to settle in the ear for 30-60 seconds.

Glass Tea Tumbler

This is the perfect make-tea-and-go tumbler. Made of double-layered thick glass, it keeps tea warm for a long time without burning your hands. Because it’s glass you can see inside to make your desired strength – or leave all day. AND there’s a strainer at the top so you can drink without getting herb bits in your mouth. The only drawback is that it is ultimately breakable, but I prefer to drink from glass rather than plastic. You can find different models of this on Amazon.com, for all under $20.

Herb Grinder

Finding a strong and adequate grinder to process herbs can be challenging. This one is the most powerful herb grinder I’ve used. It quickly minces most all herbs, even the hard ones, although it’s best to break those up first with a Chinese “bonger” or a hammer. Well, the grinder info is in Chinese so google industrial strength herb grinders – but be careful because many of them are for the “weed” type of herb!!! This one looks just like ours: http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/1286184312/HR_16B_800g_110V_220V_Multi.html       CHOSEIKYU MOXA The Japanese always seem to improve other people’s devices. This is true with moxa. Choseikyu moxa is a little moxa “candle” (as I call it) that easily sticks onto the body and thoroughly warms the desired area or point. It is easy to use, hands-free, not as messy as other methods, and yet creates the intended heat without burning (caution on people with sensitive skin!). Moxa “candles” do cause the normal smoke and smell and build up ashes, but the latter are conveniently contained on their sticky base. If this moxa feels too hot, you can lightly run your fingers along the skin on either side of the “candle” to disperse this sensation. Choseikyu moxa can be purchased online at Chinese medical suppliers.    


Atlas of Chinese Tongue Diagnosis by Barbara Kirschbaum (Eastland Press, Seattle, 1998) Atlas of Chinese Tongue Diagnosis Volume 2 by Barbara Kirschbaum (Eastland Press, Seattle, 2002) I have long loved tongue diagnosis for its effective and detailed reflection of the body’s health. These books include detailed teaching, photos and case examples. I am always learning more here! I give them my highest recommendation for learning tongue diagnosis, beginning to advanced! A Kid’s Herb Book by Lesley Tierra (RD Reed, 2000) What can I say? This is still a favorite book of mine and apparently of many others around the world, for it is now also published in Japan and Estonia! This book grew out of a vision I had in the early ’90s when our son was young to introduce the next generation to herbs and keep the herbal fervor alive. It is also great for adults as a simple and fun introduction to using herbs. It highlights 17 herbs and includes tons of recipes, preparations, stories and songs. There is also information on planning a tea party, kitchen medicine, a first aid kit, and plant ecology along with much more. Metaphor-phosis: Transform Your Stories from Pain to Power by Lesley Tierra (Balboa Press, 2013) This is my latest book and addresses the power we have to heal ourselves. I’ve learned from over 30 years of clinical experience that most people’s health problems stem from deeper emotional, mental or spiritual sources. Metaphor-phosis helps you to dig deep into the root cause of your health conditions and heal them through the multiple tools and techniques included. This, with my Healing with the Herbs of Life, comprise a complete healing system.

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