Radiance Energy Alternative Healing


Energy Medicine for a healthy body, mind and soul

In the past I separated out my sessions of acupuncture, herbs, food therapy and shamanic practices. Now I have incorporated them all together under their true heading: energy medicine.

To many, “energy medicine” is a woo-woo phrase, but in actuality, “energy medicine” is a more accurate description of most healing processes and their effects on the total body/mind/soul complex.

People tend to think of energy medicine as using strange devices or techniques that are non-measurable biophysically. Yet acupressure, Qi Gong and intercessory prayer are all accepted forms of energy medicine, as are, of course, acupuncture, herbs and food therapy. Each of these modalities affects the various energies in the body in one way or another and so are truly energy medicines.

I have also stayed away from the word “healing” in my new practice – a term frequently used to indicate renewed health (and a word in the title of some of my books!). Now I have come to understand that as long as someone is healing, they are always in the process of healing rather than being “healed” or achieving what they want with health – so it implies a constant process without end. Furthermore, they associate the healing process with the body rather than with their true identity: Spirit.

When we shift our thinking from this thought:

“I am a physical entity living a spiritual life”

to this thought:

“I am a spiritual being living in a physical body”

— it can make all the difference in our health and well-being. As Spirits we are already whole; as souls we are on individual journeys to learn and grow. Within this context, our bodies are just vehicles and tools to help us accomplish these goals.

For over 28 years, I have helped people with their health and have found that most illnesses stem from deeper core issues on the emotional, mental or soul levels. Thus, in order for many of these people to experience greater health and even radiant lives, they’ve first needed to shift the imbalances on the emotional, mental or soul levels informing their physical bodies.

To this end, I now incorporate ancient shamanic and modern psychotherapeutic techniques in my practice. These clear the energy behind any physical, mental and emotional imbalances, releasing old patterns and beliefs and allowing new possibilities to arise. I call this a “Radiance Session” because the ultimate results enable not only better health, but also create a radiant life with manifested dreams and visions and expressed true potential. Even better, Radiance Sessions can be experienced over the phone, enabling me to help more people no matter where they live.

Whether over the phone or in my clinic, I offer the possibility to you of experiencing more radiant health and a radiant life. It is my desire that this be so for you!

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