Do more - fitness class

Yes, you read that right! I wish you a do-be-do-be-do-be year! Now what in the heck is that?

In today’s world, most people are action oriented, or “do”-oriented. We make plans, cross off completed items on lists, work several jobs, garden and raise a family. “Do-ers” are action oriented; it’s all about getting things done. Studying your herb course lessons, seeing clients, making products, sending in your lesson tests, these are all “do” parts of your life.

When we stop to sit, rest, mediate, read a book, take a siesta or contemplate nature, we have moved into the “being” mode. Stopping to “be” makes something interesting happen. The right brain consciousness opens so insights pour out, realizations arise and understandings click. “Being” rejuvenates as it refreshes the mind and body. It’s nearly impossible to receive such insights while in a “doing” mode. “Being” is essential to all levels of our health as well as to our creativity.

When overdone, “do-ers” tend to burn out, while “be-ers” get stagnant. Ideally, we both “do” and “be” throughout a day.

When I sit around too long, I lose energy so I don’t want to do what needs to be done let alone what I want to do. So when I get lethargic like this, I take a walk. Movement not only ignites my energy, but my will and drive as well. It provides the needed spark to light my fires again into that “do-er” energy.

However, when I am too busy or even overwhelmed, I find that if I stop, become a “be-er,” I realize what’s really necessary, what I can drop, what I need help with, what can wait, what a situation needs and so on. In other words, I am much more efficient and productive when I rest because ideas come and realizations occur that guide my “doing” part of the day.

I find I need both doing and being in my life. As a driven person, I tend more toward doing rather than being, so when I turn into a “be-er,” I am always surprised with its effectiveness. I now crave those “be-ing” moments and plan them in my daily life as well as take periodic spontaneous breaks. I find my life much richer now as a “do-be-do-be” person.

So which are you, a “do-er” or a “be-er”? How often do you follow up your dreams with actions? Or how often do you stop to rest and reflect?

Whichever you are, I wish that you find renewed life as a full “do-be-do-be-do-be” person in the New Year!

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