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My friend Don Monkerud recently sent me his periodic political critique which included the following:

‘Corporate controlled politicians claim America has ‘the greatest healthcare system in the world,’ only to reveal their ignorance. The World Health Organization ranked the U.S. 37th among nations in healthcare performance in 2000, although we pay more for less service. Numerous studies reveal that the U.S. is mediocre in treating illness. For example, compared to the G8, the U.S. has the highest infant mortality, the most mothers who die during childbirth, the most lives lost that could have been saved, and the worst in treatment of cancer. The U.N. rates the U.S. even worse: 74th in healthcare performance. And in 2009, the C.I.A. ranked the U.S. 49th in life expectancy in the world.’

Each day we read about phenomenal medical breakthrough research. Doesn’t it ever occur to the large numbers who voted the present Conservative regime into dominance in the House that these discoveries are hardly ever available to the majority of average Americans, who are unable to afford health insurance or who have health insurance from companies who can deny coverage for any number of trumped-up reasons?

While Republicans believe in unrestrained capitalism, the wishy-washy Democrats (for whom I nevertheless have more sympathy) have their own considerable deficiencies and weaknesses which have a particular impact on natural health and healing. To wit, their out-of-control protectionism and tendency to play ‘big brother’ causes them to side with the ill-informed majority against the natural health movement. Do I hear a need for a third, possibly even as many six parties out there (as they apparently have in Canada)?

The choice of either/or in anything is hardly ever a good one, but neither is simply having to choose between the lesser of two evils or, as many do, leave off choosing altogether when neither option offers a decent outcome.

I wish I could end this diatribe with a solution, but frankly I have none to offer. I encourage you to leave your thoughts in the comments section of this post.

I do have a suggestion, however: keep growing and learning about medicinal herbs, self-help and alternative natural healing. Most of us are not likely to find the kind of healing we deserve and need from mainstream medicine.

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