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Here it is again – another influenza epidemic claimed to be the biggest in 10 years. We’re bombarded by the usual display of public health officials including TV doctor-personality Dr. Oz all dutifully encouraging the public to rush to get a worthless flu shot.

Yes, I call flu shots worthless (and wrote about this in a previous blog). The most damning evidence regarding the sham flu vaccine comes from industry independent medical research. The now famous Cochrane library study evaluated over 50 different studies and reports evaluating the efficacy of the flu vaccine and concluded at best a possible shortening of duration of the flu by one day. Dr. Mercola argues that these results are hardly worth the risk of probably grossly unnumbered adverse reactions called such as Guillain-Barré Syndrome, which claim approximately 1.6 cases per million vaccinations.

Recently Dr. Oz did a highly controversial show evaluating the efficacy of the flu vaccine. I generally applaud Dr. Oz for his openness to alternative medicine and his highly entertaining popular TV show where he champions an agenda of health and wellness. He assembled four medical experts including the deputy director of the Center for Disease Control (pro-vaccine), two medical doctors, and a colleague, Dr. Peter Joshi. Dr. Joshi made a damning uncontested statement that depending on the study one reads, if anywhere from 35 to 100 people all received influenza vaccine, perhaps only one may not contract the flu. All the others remained silent providing tacit agreement and Dr. Oz was shocked. However, he concluded with his own version of endorsing the influenza vaccine as a ‘Hail Mary’ play while ignoring all the proven evidence of adverse reactions.

He recommended many of the usual precautions — frequent handwashing, wearing a protective mask, the use of hand sanitizers, limiting the weakening effects of processed foods, refined foods, white sugar, avoiding crowded public spaces, adequate sleep, and so forth. He also mentioned the evidence-based benefit of elderberry juice or syrup.

There are some effective general protocols and treatments for colds and flu and I’m sure you know of many. Below are links to previous blogs written by myself and Lesley over the past few years which will give you our favorite ways to treat and prevent the flu using herbs and diet.

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