Every December we try to offer some possibilities for gifts you can make or buy to enhance your holidays. It’s our version of Oprah’s “favorite things.”

This year I’m suggesting two things that may be a gift to yourself, your family or your friends: protection from all airborne pathogens and allergens, including the covid-19 virus.

Lesley and I have discussed and considered how despite the promise a vaccine may offer, the current pandemic is likely a harbinger of more to come, considering the overpopulation of our planet and the exploitation of its resources at a rate that is already causing havoc in the existing natural order.

Upon reflecting on this, I present to you two items that might help:

AirTamer A310 Personal Negative Ion Generator, Air Purifier Necklace

This wearable device generates negative ions to remove cigarette smoke, viruses, PM2.5, pollen, molds and dust mites from your personal space to provide you with clean air. It is ideal if you are going into a crowded space or travel. It effectively cleans the air around you upper body, kills all pathogens, allergens, molds, etc. It removes 98.9% of smoke particles in only 5 minutes, 99% of airborne viruses in a 0.2m space in 32 minutes, offering protection for you and anyone within 7 foot of your location. It is rechargeable by USB.

This device may well be more effective than masks. Negative ions are experienced when you are near a waterfall. Their effect is air purification. As soon as I put mine on, I could feel a very noticeable difference. It sells for $149.99. This would make a great Christmas gift for yourself and anyone you care about.

Check out the AirTamer here.

Aerus Air Purifiers

This second item is more costly. It is an air purifier created by Beyond by Aerus, a technology company with over 95 years of history and innovative products and that has been recognized by the Smithsonian Institute.

Aerus air purifiers transform oxygen and water molecules in the air into safe yet powerful oxidizers that seek and rapidly destroy fungi, mold, odor-causing bacteria and viruses — even those that might be hiding in hard-to-reach cracks and crevices. Not only the air is purified, but every surface within reach throughout a large space, even an entire home.

The Beyond Guardian Air model has been tested and found to remove 99.9% of all surface and airborne contaminants that cause asthma and allergy symptoms. It freshens the air without the use of ozone which is illegal in some states like California. It has been tested in independent labs and proven effective on bacteria, viruses including SARS and covid, mold and fungi on surfaces and in the air in a large indoor space of up to 2000 square feet. It is energy efficient and operates silently 24-7,

The company claims that their technology has been tested and approved by the FDA to kill 99.9% of covid virus and other pathogens in the air within three minutes.

The cost varies depending on the model and how large an area to be covered. It ranges between around $300 to $2000.

One unit called ‘Pure & Clean’ is small, weighs only 8lbs and costs $1500.

The unit we purchased, the ‘Guardian,” weighs 34 lbs and costs $2000. 

Here are two articles about the technology and about the unit that is FDA approved for medical use.


These products can be ordered from https://www.beyondbyaerus.com/Site/Products

You can contact the company and do a Facetime call about the units: 559 448 0331.

And Now Some Pure Nourishment for the Pandemic-Ravaged Soul

Enough of things! Here is food for the heart and mind. Please read and share this brilliant short article,  “Living with Covid-19: Adapting to a New Reality” by my dear friends, colleagues and mentors, Efrem and Harriet Korngold, authors of the TCM classic book Between Heaven and Earth. The article includes a somewhat prophetic poem entitled “Pink Pond” by my all-time favorite poet, Mary Oliver.

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